You just can’t overstate the fact that colors can have a huge impact on the way a piece of web design is perceived by its audience. Across the web we see various web designs fashioned with different color spectrum all striving for the user attention. Web design makes use of discrete color combinations, ranging from

WordPress isn’t the most popular content management system in the world without reason. It’s extremely feature-rich, with a gallery of both free and premium plugins that allow the platform to do…well, pretty much anything. Like any tool, however, WordPress is only really powerful if you know how to use it. That’s especially true if you’re

If you’re thinking about running your own blog but don’t know how to go about it, you’ve already made your first wise move by coming here for information. The most important part of deciding to run a blog is getting handy blogging tips from experienced blog owners. Blogging tips and tricks will give you the

It is well known that WordPress is by far the dominant CMS platform around the world boasting to power 17.5% of the web. Over the last few years over 150 companies have cropped up that produce and sell WordPress themes for the WP community. A conservative estimate puts the total amount of premium WordPress themes somewhere