How Many WordPress Theme Designers Are There?

Ever wonder how many people out there are making themes for WordPress? Well, in a recent post by WMPU they reviewed some of the most popular companies producing themes. I thought it would be fun to take this a little further and figure out just how many themes I could find and how many theme makers.

The full posts will be forthcoming on my new site, but I wanted to share some preliminary findings here.

Total Number of Themes:

I’ve concluded that there are upwards of 5,000 or so premium themes available in virtually every category one can think of from directory based themes to personal blogging themes to themes for businesses to clones of popular website business models to photography themes to everything else. The breakdown is approximately like this:

  • – ~2,200 Themes
  • – ~1,800 Themes
  • – ~300 Themes
  • Theme Companies – ~1,600 Themes
  • Independent Themes – ???!!

ThemeForest is by far the biggest theme provider and the ones that are on their site are exclusively so. TemplateMonster, as far as I know, is NOT exclusive and I’m pretty sure most of the other template/theme marketplaces I found had mostly the same selection. Mojo-Themes is up and coming but still has a pretty fair selection.

Total Number of Theme Providers:

It gets crazy trying to look at all the theme providers out there. By my count there are 115+ theme providers out there that actually have themes they are promoting on their own sites (meaning I didn’t include all of the independent authors that sell their stuff through market places). There are also roughly 12-15 frameworks that various providers have created to make theme creation simpler or, in some cases, effortless.
Overall the experience has been quite overwhelming, but I’m excited to be putting together what I believe will be some of the best posts on the web concerning what types of themes are available on the web.

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