How to get started with WordPress Website

There are a multitude of components that are needed and enhance a WordPress website like marketing, plugins, design, proper domain, and much more. But the true question is, what do you truly need to start a WordPress site? One thing that you have to ask yourself first, is are you building a blog or a website? WordPress is heavily known for being a blogging platform but it is slowly evolving into a great Content Management System (CMS), making it a great tool for managing and changing content on small websites. So if WordPress seems like the proper choice for your CMS needs, then let’s figure out what do you need to get your website going.

Find a WordPress Host

There are a lot of hosting companies out there that are great for hosting WordPress. Some of the things that you really have to look at is what type of hosting do you want.

  1. WordPress on Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress on VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  3. WordPress on Dedicated Server

Most WordPress sites are on shared hosting. This is where there are multiple users sharing the same hardware. This means that you are sharing a space with multiple other websites. Not the best way to host your site but for a small site it is great.

Virtual Private Servers are your next best choice. You are still on a shared server but you are put aside from the other sites. This gives you more resources in terms of server and hardware than shared hosting would. This is another great choice for small to medium websites.

A Dedicated Server would by my personal choice if money wasn’t an object. If you are expecting your website to get thousands of visitors daily, this is the choice for you. A dedicated server is pretty self-explanatory, it is dedicated to you, with all of the server’s hardware is at your disposal. This
would be your best choice for a large website.

There are a ton of different hosting companies out there that offer WordPress hosting. Now it can get pricy, so you need to know to start a website it takes money.

Installing WordPress

Many shared and VPS web hosts have a one click install option for WordPress. This will create your database and setup your site so it is ready with the WordPress CMS. Most hosting companies do have a support team that will either install WordPress for you or they will give you a walk-through on how to go about this. If you host does not have a one click option then you may have to hire someone to do the install and setup.

Picking A Theme

There are a ton of WordPress themes out on the web. Go to Google and search for WordPress Themes. I bet you get millions of pages. One thing that you really have to look at when picking a theme is reliability. Most themes get updated about every 3-6 months sometimes more. Mostly this is to keep the theme up to date with WordPress or to help with security issues. However, if you are looking for a website that has a custom look, unique to only your site, you will have to find a web agency to design and develop a theme for your website. Most web agencies will install and setup your custom theme for you, giving you a theme and a look for your online presence as well as taking care of the initial setup.

Creating Content

In order to build your website to be the best, so to speak, you have to create great content. If you are a mom-and-pop shop that only wants to have a web presence you really only have to get your pages setup and you are done. Let the word of mouth spread your site. But if you are looking to be the best in your market you need to blog consistently, and in order to do that you have to come up with interesting articles. People will come back to website that they find interesting and they will spread the news.

Everything Else

For the most part you are done, but there are a few things that you can do to make your website better. For instance you can optimize and market your website. This can be done with SEO, SEM, Paid/Unpaid Advertising, and much more. Doing these things will get people to your blog or website faster and more often. If you don’t do these things it can take some time (years in fact) to really see people getting involved with your site. With marketing and optimization you could see a ton of people in months. One thing to always take into consideration: the more money you are willing to spend the better product you are going to end with. Another thing that you can do is get people to interact more with your site. Find some really cool plugins that you can install and put into your sidebar’s; this will give people more to see and do on your website.