There are a multitude of components that are needed and enhance a WordPress website like marketing, plugins, design, proper domain, and much more. But the true question is, what do you truly need to start a WordPress site? One thing that you have to ask yourself first, is are you building a blog or a

Most new WordPress themes have adopted the post thumbnails feature added in WordPress 2.9. This new feature is a great introduction to WordPress. It has change the way that everyone involves images into there theme. This feature really doesn’t have any disadvantages with adding it to your theme. This actually is a very useful introduction

The most asked question about WordPress that I get is on the difference between a WordPress Page and a WordPress Post. The two are often misused wrongfully. Here are a few pointers to assist in better understanding the difference. WordPress pages are just static or you could say the posted elements are not often moveable

At some point we all misuse phrases and terms. In the website world, the terms “templates” and “themes” are often confused. Very often a WordPress template are considered as WordPress theme and vice verse. Well that is part right. WordPress theme is simply the way your complete blog looks and represents you or your business