WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is the greatest blogging platform on the web right now. With more and more website leaning to having a blog for SEO purposes, there is a big demand for the best SEO plugins. Luckily with as big as WordPress is there is a huge amount of developers more than willing to build a good SEO Plugin. Most web pages that talk about WordPress plugins give there top 10 or 20 plugins. Well I am not going to do that. I am going to give you a list of plugins that I use on Shane Strong and other client websites. Then I will give you a list of other popular SEO plugins. As a Search Engine Optimizer I look for the new and best ways to do optimization. My list of plugins I have found to work great and have worked with for a while now.

Shane’s SEO Plugin List

My list consists of 3 amazing plugins. The first is All-In-One SEO, second is Google XML Sitemap, and third is SEO Smart Links. These three are great and are always kept up to date. Below is a image and small description or each.

1) All-In-One SEO


All In One SEO is by far the most used SEO plugin that WordPress offers. It is really great and simple to use. You have a tab on the left of the dashboard. This is where you can do everything you need for the home page. It lets you do everything from keywords, description, title, canonical urls, title formats, additional headers for post/pages, and much more. The really great thing is that you can do SEO for each individual page and post right inside the pages or post you are working on. You can also set it up so that it takes your tags as keywords. This is by far the best SEO plugin WordPress has to offer. You can find All-In-One SEO on WordPress.org or go to the creators website at Semper Fi Web Design

2) Google XML Sitemap


As my second pick I feel this is just as important as my first pick. This creates a XML sitemap that is browser friendly. Now just because it says Google in the title I dont want you to think it just is for Google. Nope this plugin creates a sitemap that will work for most search engines and it also submits to the major search engines for you. It also lets you set a priority on stuff like posts, pages, homepage, and others. Besides doing that it lets you exclude certain categories, individual posts, and lets you select the frequency of change to your content. This lets search engines know how often they need to crawl your site. You can download this plugin on wordpress.org or go to the creators site at Arne Brachhold

3) SEO Smart Links


My third pick is not necessarily the most needed but it comes in real handy if you want to inter link word to pages or want to do external links every time a word is used. It makes it really easy to build links between friends and/or sites you own. This plugin is pretty cool it basically lets you choose words that you want to link to urls. It also automatically makes inter links to all words that are pages and posts. So for instance if you post something that has contact and that is the name of your contact page it will make a inter link. This plugin be downloaded at wordpress.org or you can get it at the creators site at Vladimir Prelovac.

Other SEO Plugins

Here are some other great SEO plugins for WordPress. These are not bad plugins by no means, they just did not make my personal best list. All of these plugin can be found on wordpress.org and below they all link to their creators website.

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