I know personally when I started learning WordPress I needed some help with how to navigate through the system. As a web developer I need to know many different systems and tend to have a bunch of clients that want a blog. Well as most every web developer knows the best blogging platform is by far WordPress. Now most of my clients are not interested in how to use the more advanced pieces and parts of WordPress. They just want to know how to make a post, edit a page, or maybe add a image/video file. I found that trying to tell most clients how to do this is a hard thing because a lot of people are just not that web savvy. So I have a few .swf files here that you can watch/send your clients to watch. Or you can download them and send them to your clients. Now remember these are not for people that understand what they are doing. These are the basics how to use the system, where everything is, and how to do the most basic things.

Introduction to WordPress 2.9 Part 1

WordPress 2.9 Part 1

Download Part 1 – [Download not found]

Introduction to WordPress 2.9 Part 2

WordPress 2.9 Part 2

Download Part 2 – [Download not found]

Introduction to WordPress 2.9 Part 3

WordPress 2.9 Part 3

Download Part 3 – [Download not found]