I know personally when I started learning WordPress I needed some help with how to navigate through the system. As a web developer I need to know many different systems and tend to have a bunch of clients that want a blog. Well as most every web developer knows the best blogging platform is by

The most asked question about WordPress that I get is on the difference between a WordPress Page and a WordPress Post. The two are often misused wrongfully. Here are a few pointers to assist in better understanding the difference. WordPress pages are just static or you could say the posted elements are not often moveable

With the new release of WordPress 2.8 the developers really took in what people had to say and made some vast changes to the content management system. One of the biggest changes that the team made that the end user and really the admin won’t really see is the database changes. The WordPress team made

Alright I left off with having you download my theme Wooden Default. I am going to be referencing this theme so if you download it you will understand what I am doing much easier. Today I am going to talk about the first steps in developing a theme, this is considering that you already have