Link Building 101 – Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking is the process of saving web pages that you like or want to remember so that you can come back and view them later. If you are an avid internet user, you probably already have several web pages bookmarked using your internet browser. Bookmarking is great because it allows you to keep and organize all the information on the web that is relevant to you.

Social bookmarking is essentially the same things as bookmarking web pages using your browser with a few exceptions. Social bookmarking sites allow you to save your favorite bookmarked web pages online so that you can access them from anywhere. They are called “social” bookmarking sites because they also allow you to share the web pages you’ve uploaded with your friends or followers.

Okay that’s great, but how do they help you? Well, because these bookmarking sites are online rather than just on your internet browser, they provide links back to your website! Each site is slightly different but here’s a quick list of a few sites to get you started: Diigo, Reddit, Mixx, JumpTags and Delicious. You can find a more comprehensive list here: 125 Social Bookmarking Sites

To start getting your links from these sites simply sign up for their free accounts and start bookmarking your web pages! When prompted, enter in tags for your various bookmarks to help other people find your information. The more other people who bookmark your website, the more links you’ll get so don’t skip this step! (But don’t over-tag your pages either!)

Note: These websites were NOT created for you to just bookmark your own stuff. They are are meant to be places where users share interesting, fun, and valuable information with each other. Because of this, you should seriously consider bookmarking lots of other web pages in addition to your own. The best practice is to bookmark other valuable web pages that are along the same topic or theme of your own web pages so you aren’t just being a self-promoter. This also has the added benefit of increasing the relevancy of the page your link is on which is more of a Link building 200 concept.

Bookmarking your web pages is an easy way to generate links to your website. It is generally a great idea to bookmark every new blog post you make or any other new content that you make on your website. Not only will this get you a few links, it will also help the search engines to quickly find and index your website!

As you’ll quickly find out, bookmarking each page that you have on each of dozens of social bookmarking sites is very tedious and gets old fast. To help you move through the process more quickly, consider using a website like Social Marker to help automate the process.

Stay tuned for Part 3 on Blog Commenting!

– Marketer Matt – King of the Internet

This post was written by internet marketing expert Matt Hall of Scepter Marketing. Scepter Marketing is an online marketing agency which helps small businesses skyrocket their business via the internet.