When it comes to writing interesting articles it can sometimes get to be difficult if you need to write many articles about the same topic and still be writing unique articles about a variety of topics. It’s easy to fall into the trap of just writing a few variations on the same topic and thinking that if it just passes Copyscape it will have been enough. The only problem with that is that you’ve just sent out articles to half a dozen websites that are all close to identical and if you’re working with someone who is distributing these articles then they’ll see what you did just by skimming each one. They key to writing quality articles is to be able to write about any topic and still be able to include your keywords.

One of the common errors is to think that you have to write an article specifically about whatever your keyword is. That’s the trap you get caught in when writing, leading you to write articles with little variation. The key is to try to write an article about something only somewhat related to your keyword and find a way to include the keyword in it. For example if you’re writing about something like lawn chairs, you could begin writing an article about throwing a garden party and mention lawn chairs as you write.

Unless your client is asking for an article to be written about a specific topic, feel free to have fun with it. If you know the site you’ll be writing for beforehand, take a look at the content readily available on the site and tailor your topic to the site’s style. You won’t always have access to the client’s site, but if you do then it can make the entire process go more smoothly. This can also be a double edged sword because if the site is filling a specific niche, it can be difficult to write if the keyword is somewhat outside that site’s content while still keeping it relevant.

Let’s take a look at a potential scenario for a moment. If you have to write about fitness and health and your keyword is medical uniforms. It may at first seem difficult to link medical uniforms to fitness outside of explaining that not keeping healthy could put you in the hospital but that’s tenuous at best. Instead write about how medical uniforms like scrubs are not only fashionable, but the breathable style of the clothing is great for staying cool after a sweaty workout. Then you not only have your keyword ready to insert into your article, you have a topic as well as the bonus of a potential outline for its flow.

If you have a deadline looming and lots of articles weighing heavily on you, be sure to take a break. The worst thing you can do when you have writer’s block is to force yourself to write. Your writing quality will suffer for it and you’ll end up spending time frustrated about where to go next when just a five minute break could clear your head. Try listening to some relaxing music or get up and step away from your computer or laptop for a glass of water or a few minutes alone. When you feel like you can return, sit down and look at your topic with a clear head and see the difference it makes. Writing interesting and unique articles isn’t difficult, but if you don’t approach it ready to work, you could end up putting out work that doesn’t accurately represent your standard of quality.