What Kind Of Design Can Be The Most Appropriate For Educational Site?

What is appropriate for your web design is highly dependent on the type of learner you intend to attract. Plus, if you are building a distance-learning website, then it is going to look and function differently to a website built to attract people to a college, University or institution. A website for a stripper school is going to have a wildly different design to that of a classy British University. Here are a few designs that may be appropriate for certain types profile educational sites.

A Highly Visual Design

There are some people that respond to a highly visual design. The only time you should avoid it is when your subject matter is of a serious nature. People do not really expect a very visual design on a website promoting learning law or programming. But, you will be surprised at just how many subjects and courses will suit a highly visual design. Even a website promoting a geology course can benefit from being highly visual in design.

A Simple And Minimalist Design

This is more common than you may be aware. There are quite a few websites that promote online-learning services that are very simple and minimalist in design. This may be because the trend for highly compacted and condensed websites has passed, and may also be because it is easier to create a minimalist and simple website.

A Very Easy To Navigate Design

This is an essential part of your design that you should work on to make sure it is perfect before launching your website. The people that visit should be able to find their way around your website very easily. They should be able to find the page they want within three clicks. If your website is very easy to navigate, then your web design is on the right track.

A Funnel Design

This type of design will filter people from a larger section of starter web pages to a smaller and smaller cross-section of pages. The idea is to get people to move from landing pages to the same pages. To get people from one set of pages to another where the more they navigate then the closer they get to your target pages. A funnel design can be useful if you are selling certain services and you want your consumer to get to the selling pages. It may also work if you are trying to convince people to attend your institution and want them to see certain pages with your strongest selling points on them.

A funnel design is more about how you move your traffic from one page to another, which means the content has just as much of a role as the web design itself. This type of design is one of the most difficult to do well.

A Flat Design Is Sometimes Appropriate

It is certainly not always appropriate, but if you are selling a service that is slightly more modern, then a flat design may work for you. A simple website may also work if you are looking to sell simple services. It takes a skill to figure out if a flat design is needed, but it is an option for you to consider.

A Very Conservative Design

This is very, very common when it comes to promoting or advertising a college or University. They often take a very conservative design and tweak it to suit their establishment. You may find that a lot of college and University websites look similar to each other. It is because the conservative design has certain tell tale signs. It is almost as if the colleges and Universities have looked at each others websites and copied them ever so slightly. Of all the designs that are suitable for an institution or online service provider, it has to be said that a conservative design is often the best.

A Very Esoteric Design

It is a little bit of a risk if you create an esoteric design because you risk scaring away new customers/attendees and people without any experience of your discipline or subject area. On the other hand, it will please people that do have an interest in your discipline or subject area. For example, you could have a website that sells chemistry lessons, and the lessons may be arranged as per chemical symbols as seen on the periodic table. This is going to scare away people that have little experience with the periodic table, but is going to please people that are interested with and experienced in your discipline or subject area.

About the author:
Cindy Bates is a young writing specialist and a tutor for students. She also writes for Bestessaytips.com and shares her knowledge and experience in educational sphere.