Building Websites and Conversions

When people think about building websites and web design, thoughts of fancy, graphic-heavy or flash-driven websites come to mind. However, in reality, what a business should look into with their website is conversions. Sometimes the ugliest websites online convert a high percentage of visitors into paid customers. That is why it is important for web designers to split test their designs to see which layouts, colors, and other variations lead to the best conversion rates for the business. The following are some aspects of a site’s design that can make it convert better along with example sites.

A Simple and Clean Overall Look

Rather than bombard a website with many flashy animations or over-the-top artistry, sometimes sticking to the basics just works. You want your customers to understand what your business is all about along with the products and services you business provides. If you make the design too complicated, website visitors will get all distracted by those factors and might totally miss the point or message you’re trying to get across.

Take this simple site , on promotional gifts for example. It has a nice, clean look and feel to it that is simple and straightforward. With just a quick glance, you can tell what this company is all about. The navigation bar is well laid out, so this is a smooth and easy browsing experience for the user.

Large, Easy to Find Calls to Action

With your business’ website, you want visitors to take action, whether it’s to contact you for your services or to make a purchase through your store. This can be a lot easier if there’s a bit button or image that acts as a call to action. People love images and are easily drawn to these kinds of things as long as they are designed properly. This is where the split testing comes into play.

One great example is this site ,on private jets. At the top, the navigation bar allows users to go through different topics on private jets, and at the end of each mini description is a call to action to read more on the subject. In addition to that, below the navigation bar to the right is a call to action for a quote on a private jet trip. The button for this is easily visible, and your eyes are naturally drawn to it.

Split Test and Convert

The above examples clearly show how important it is to split test website designs in order to determine which ones have the best conversion rates. This way, you can take your business to another level.