If you are a blogger looking to reap the SEO benefits of link building then you are not alone. Many bloggers just like you are struggling hard to establish a link building campaign for myriad reasons.

What are the reasons that have made web owners explore the Internet, looking for best ways to establish links with similar websites? Here are the reasons and benefits of link building in SEO.

1. Boosts Traffic Volume

The biggest advantage from link building is that it drives more traffic to your website. If you share a link with another website with a similar theme then both you and other website are going to benefit from such transactions.

For instance, if the visitors have reached the website you are linked with and looking for more websites with similar interests, the backlinks provided by the website can drive traffic to your blog. This means to say that the more links you have with other websites, the more popular your blog becomes.

2. A Higher Search Engine Ranking for Your Website

A lot of factors contribute to the popularity of your blogs and the number of backlinks is one such factor. If you find more links pointing to your website, you have a higher search engine ranking for your website. Thus it really makes sense to create backlinks to other websites that have similar themes. This not only increases your website traffic but also boosts your search engine ranking.

3. Includes Social Media

With the evolution of social media, link building has become a bit easier. You can integrate social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and so on in your link building campaign. Since these networks have a good number of followers, you can link much faster than with any other methods. You can use social media to attract users to view your content. But some social media tools limit the number of characters used in a communication. In such cases, you can use a direct link to your content.

4. Informative for Viewers

If you are creating a blog which could be informative for users, then you will need to add links to your blog. Adding links to your blog shows that you are familiar with other websites which have similar themes as you do. If the users are interested in your website and want to explore other websites with similar themes but do not know how to approach, you afford them the comfort of finding such sites. It is this convenience that a visitor is sure to treasure.

5. Widens Web Presence

If you have more links, your website becomes more popular. As long as web users come across other websites that link to you, your presence will continue to grow. As more viewers visit and talk about your site, your online presence expands.

So far we have discussed the merits of Link building, but at the same time there are few demerits associated with link building as well.


1. Slow Process

Unlike Search Engine Marketing strategy, SEO is a slow technique which requires you to be patient until your blog gets well established and gains popularity among the masses.

2. Only Technical Geeks Can Succeed

Only technical experts can succeed over SEO. This is because when users type in the keywords, SEO must take them to the relevant website. This is possible only if you are clever enough to understand such things and create keywords that are frequently used by the readers.

3. Traffic Automatically Decreases

If your blog fails to deliver quality content, then there is no point in using SEO. This is because when the readers find your website irrelevant, you automatically lose the traffic to your site. So you need to work hard to maintain your blog.

4. Submit Directories on Time

Another big disadvantage with SEO is that you have to submit your directories on time and in a specified manner. Any errors in this regard will terminate your website.

5. Cannot Make Quick Profit

You cannot make quick profit with SEO unless your blog gains popularity. This is not the same with SEM.

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