In Search Engine Optimization there are many different things that you have to do to be successful. First off you have to know what you are doing. That is a given, but the most important thing that sets Optimizers apart is how well they find keywords/niches. As a web developer it is sometimes hard to do SEO for some sites. A lot of the time you really don’t have a clue what you are doing the SEO for and the time that it would take you to look into it cost money. So instead of taking the time to figure out what was written you really just skin through the article to find the major words. Most of the time they are part of the title or are words that you might not have a clue what they mean. I personally try to get a list of around 10-15 words from each article that I am doing the SEO for and then I do research on those words. My research is to find my keywords from those 10-15 words. This can sometimes be easy and all that you have to do is combine a few of them to make what you would think would be the best combination. you can do this and be successful most of the time. The rest of the time you really need to look into the vast amount of tools that there is out there to use. Some of the tools out there are good and some are not so good. What I have done for you is made a list of a couple of what I find to be the good ones.

Shane’s Keyword Tool List

1) Google Keyword Tool
Well to start the best tool hands down has to be Google’s Keyword Tool. Not only is this tool free but it give you a good ideas of the amount of people that are using certain keywords based on your page or word that you input.

2) Google Trends
Google Trends really isn’t a keyword tool to say but can be used the same way. Really in order to get traffic to a article, you need to find out what is getting talked about. So I personally use >a href=””>Google Trends to find keywords about topics that are popular at the time.

3) Word Stream
What can I say about Word Stream. I personally don’t use it that much because of Google’s wonderful system but if I am in need of a second opinion, so to say, I go here.

4) Word Tracker
Let alone Word Tracker has a great keyword system, it has other tools that are also useful. Word Tracker is not free but they do offer a free trial.

I know that my list is not the biggest but I don’t believe in using a ton of different systems that might work. I aim to get a few system that work for me and keep using what works. If you might have any suggestions to what I should add to the list or even what I should try out please comment with your suggestions.