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What is SEO and how can it help me? That is the question you should be asking your self if you have a web site. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. How do you get your site to the top of search engines? Well this is a really great place to start. SEO optimization can improve the traffic of your site and the sales of your site. Basically SEO is what happens when you tell search engines what exactly you want people to search and find you as. Well some people say that this can be hard because there are so many sites out there that it is almost impossible to get to the top. Well those people are wrong. With some great planning and strategy any site can make it to the top of any search engine. For a example if you search the word Chosen in Google you will get 169,000,000 hits for just the word Chosen. Well one of the companies that I own is Chosen LLC. One of our sites is you will find it at around 7 or 8 and rising. Now we just started doing SEO on our Chosen Development site about 3 months ago. Yes we spent a lot of time and planing in order to get to where we are now.


Now for a little practical look at SEO. If someone came to me and said I want to be number one for the word Google I would look at you and tell you to talk to this company called Google. Some things are not able to happen. One of the biggest things with SEO is that it takes time. Look at my site for instance I live in Michigan around the Lansing Area. Now I am trying to get to the top for Lansing Web Design, Lansing Web Development, Michigan Web Design, Michigan Web Development, and a ton of other Michigan and Lansing combination’s. Well I am finally getting there after 5 months of hard work. One thing that most people don’t understand is that in order to get to the top for a certain word or phrase you have to beat out the competition. That means you have to do research on what other people do, how they do it, where there flaws are, and how can you beat them.

SEO Consists

SEO and SEM are two totally different things people think that one goes with the other. Well they are kind of right in the fact that they both assist each other. SEM is Search Engine Marketing, this consists of stuff like Google Adsence, Post Writing, Building Backlinks, and a bunch of other things. SEO is mainly focused around Meta tags and search engine submissions. Meta tags are not a really big thing for SEO. That is what people say. Well I feel that they are still a very big thing. Meta tags direct search engines on what to index on your site. There are a ton’s of different Meta tag that you can use in SEO but the most important ones are Keywords, Descriptions, and Titles. The last thing that I will leave you with is that everyone can do SEO and SEM. SEM is a little easier for people because of all the social media places out there. SEO is really hard and takes a lot of planning. I would recommend everyone to leave SEO to the people that consider them self experts. I am not saying don’t try to learn SEO or teach your self SEO because you could become one of those experts.

SEO Packages

If you are in need of any Search Engine Optimization I do have packages and I can teach people how to do SEO. My monthly packages for SEO all depend on how much you want done. I charge $25US an hour. With that my recommended package would be 20 hours a month this will give you the best outcome. Of course the more hours you do the better outcome you will get but at 20 hours a month I can really get enough done to your site that it will show improvement a lot quicker and will make you more money faster. I also have a bunch more different packages and prices for web based projects, you can go to Work Prices.

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Hi I am Shane the main author of this blog. I am a self taught web developer. I have been working in this industry since 2008. I work a lot with WordPress, Magento, SEO & SEM, and custom built websites. I love all sports and I will try anything at least twice.

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