Optimizing Internal Links For SEO

A technique I have been using very successfully for many years on my sites is to optimize the internal link structure for maximum link juice from your own site.

A lot of site owners get obsessed with inbound links to their sites that they forget if they have a decent page rank on their own site that this power can be harnessed for internal link juice.

Step 1: You must assess your current internal ink structure, take a look at your site and see how you are linking between pages? Are you using anchor text or buttons?

Step 2: Use Google to identify which pages you need to optimize the links on for maximum seo effect.

e.g if you want your site to rank for red widgets then go onto Google and do a search for

site:yourwebsite.com red widgets

This will return a list of results all from your site with the page that Google thinks is most relevant to the search red widgets at the top. Hopefully this will be the page you have optimized for the search red widgets. Then below will be all the other pages that are also relevant to that search. You now need to put a link from the top 5 pages to the top page with the anchor text red widgets. Let your site get re-cached and you will see your rankings go up.

Another great tool for internal link checking is Googles cache. Do a search for your chosen keyword to find your site, then to the right of your listing when you hover the mouse you will see a right pointing arrow click on this and to the right again you will see Googles cache of your page. Not many people realize that it is this page that Googles bases it’s ranking for your page on and not the live page. This explains why when you make a change to your site your rankings do not change for a while, this is the time it takes Google to re-cache your site and could be anything from a few hours to a many weeks.

Anyway if you now click on the link that says cached you will see then Google last cached your site and if you then click on Text Only you will see exactly how Google views your site. This is all it sees, no fancy graphics or flash, just text. Take a look and see if your keywords feature near the top. Are you main keywords linking to other pages / websites?

Do the same for a competitor and compare how each page looks to Google. It is very easy to see where you are missing out on valuable internal link juice.

Roger Perkin is a self-taught SEO and works in the day as a CCIE Network Consultant. He uses SEO to drive his consultancy business and says that since discovering seo and leaving his full time job he has never looked back,