Google PageRank Counts

As a Web Developer, Search Engine Optimizer and Search Engine Marketer, I go crazy when one of my sites gets a better Google PageRank. Now the real question is how powerful is your Google PageRank?

Google has stopped using PageRank in there webmasters tools. Google feels that PageRank is not something that is of much importance. I am here to tell you that is not the case. If you are a Search Engine Optimizer or a Search Engine Marketer then you will know that a high PageRank means that you are doing a good job.

Let’s take into consideration if your site has a PageRank of 0 or 1, with 0 being the lowest on the PageRank scale. That means your site probably isn’t getting but maybe 30 hits a day and most of the time those are all bots. This means your site is making no money. In order to raise your PageRank you will need to either pay someone to get your site SEO and SEM ready. If you can get your site SEO or SEM ready then your page rank could jump up to say 2 or 3 and maybe even 4. Now if you have a PageRank of 3 or 4 you are probably getting around 80-250 hits a day to your site. Now, I dont know about you but I would much rather have 80-250 hits a day over the 0 or 1 page rank. Just think what your site would be making you if your PageRank was up to say 6 or 7. Well it would be a ton more than a PageRank of 1 or 2.

High PR Sites

If you can achieve a PageRank of a higher number you will get more and more people consistently coming to your site. Look at any of the high PageRank sites out there. For example let see who has a PageRank of 10. Well we all know Google is going to be at the top of the list. But some of the others are,,,,,, and many more. Can you make a guess on how many times a day these sites are getting hits? Well the answer is millions-billions a day. That means their sites are probably making millions of dollars every day . If you look at a list of sites that have a PageRank from 7 to 10 you will see that of all these sites you have probably been to each one multiple times. Now multiply your multiple times of going there times billions of people and you will get a really big number with a bigger money value behind it.

PageRank Overview

So lets see a higher PageRank brings in more income to your site. Which in turn means a bigger site and bigger bank account. In order to get your PageRank higher what do you need to do? Spend the money and get someone to do some basic SEO and SEM to your site. This way you will get found and your traffic will start to rise and your Page Rank will start to rise. Which means you income will start to rise. So to everyone who is wondering if PageRank really matters yes it does. It matters in many different ways most of all money profit.

For a list of some high page rank sites go to High PR Sites

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