Media players there are a ton of them out there and some of them are not that good but a lot of people use them. For instance Windows Media Player 11 it is not the best but it is in the top for being downloaded. I hate being personal but I hate it. The only reason people use it is because it comes with Windows and people don’t know that there are better media players out there for free.

I am going to list ten of the top recommended media players that don’t include Windows Media Player 11 and all of these are free and will have links to them and info about some of them.

Media Jukebox
Media Player Classic
Media Monkey

From my personal experience with Windows Media Player 11 it has not enough and too much at the same time. I feel like I don’t know anything about it when I operate it because there is so much stuff that is redundant. I think Windows Media Player 11 is not to fancy but it is too confusing especially when there is free software out there that does everything Windows Media Player 11 does and more but you can understand it. I am not going to get too far into depth with these products because I feel that you should have to try them out so that you can judge them yourself. So from my own experience I personally use Zune because I have taken the time to get to know it well enough that I can do pretty much everything that it offers. I will admit that it can be a little confusing at first but if you just spend a little time messing with it you will come to love it or hate it. Media Player Classic is something I use regularly because I like to watch movies on my computer and Media Player Classic is small fast and easy to operate unlike trying to play an avi or most any other video files on Windows Media Player. RealPlayer and iTunes they are both good but I feel that they are a trend and everybody uses them. I hate trends and like to be different. WinAMP I have used but didn’t really like it, it seemed too complicated for just listening to music or watching movies.

For the rest VideoLan, Media Jukebox, and Songbird are supposed to be really good and I haven’t found a website that hasn’t had them either close to the top or at the top. I am currently going to try them because you know what people say it is good to try new things. I really hope that this shows people that there is something other than Windows Media Player 11 and yes they are free. Well that is it from me and I hope to hear your input on this subject. Thanks