5 Ways to Turbo Charge Your Google+ Page Selfless

When Google rolled out “Search Plus Your World” and in one fell swoop made it essential for all search and social marketers to get on Google+, not everyone saw the same success. If you were one of the people who didn’t have the time for ANOTHER social account and were still trying to get in to Pinterest, never mind another Google product, then it’s time to rejig your priorities and get things moving. Your activity on there will start of influence the search results of people in your circles and the wider you can spread your wings, the more bias will be shown to your content for people in your niche.

But how do you ‘get things moving’? One of the frustrating features of having a Google+ business page is that people have to follow you of their own free will and you can’t add them until they’ve added you. But how do they find out about you if you can’t add them? It’s a vicious circle!

Despite these drawbacks, there is a lot you can do to grow your reach on Google+. Below are 5 tips to get you started and off the ground which is definitely the hardest part:

Be Super Active

Even if you don’t have anyone following you to begin with, it’s important to be extremely active on your stream so that when someone does come across your page, they will think it worthwhile to follow you. If they see a dormant stream with no value added then they’ll probable just click away.

Offer Unique Content

Don’t make your Google+ page just another repetition of your Facebook page and Twitter profile. These are all different mediums with different characteristics and capabilities, use them individually for the maximum benefit. If you end up with a carbon copy of three social profiles then where’s the reason to follow all of them?

Promote it on your Website and Social Profiles

One of the easiest ways to get people to follow you is to reach out on other platforms where you have a strong following. From adding your Google+ link to your website to promoting it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts you should gain some early traction. Shout it from the rooftops!

Start Discussions

Google+ is great in that it allows you to tag people in comments and generate some discussion around a post. If you tag people in a particular post or comment then it encourages them to respond and, if they do, it will show up in their stream, broadening the reach of your page. There are so many conversations online and people love to get involved, so doing something as simple as inviting them can be enough to grow your page’s reach.

Create Hangouts

Hangouts are another cool feature Google+ offers which allows you to get people together in your industry and build awareness of your page. Come up with a creative idea for a hangout and invite some of the key influencers in your niche and you could create a piece of content which hundreds of people follow live, as well as something that can be promoted in retrospect. Conversation and content creation, it doesn’t get any better does it?!?

It’s always hard to get a social profile off the ground, but follow the 5 tips above and you’ll be well on your way to an active, well followed Google+ profile.

Author: Ingenuity Digital specializes in internet marketing activities and SEO practices to help businesses increase their visibility online.