Table’s are they bad or not?

This is a post for everyone to comment on what they believe about the table tag. This could range from your complete dislike of the or maybe some of your experience with the bad use of them. I have heard a lot of things about table’s and most people say that they don’t like them and don’t use them unless they have to. With some of the older sites that I have edited I have been noticed they were done in all table’s and I am not talking about just some no it was all done in tables. For this site I had to basically take all of the content out and redo most of the site there was only a few places that needed tables. I personally do not think tables are bad they are just overused. There is a lot of people saying that tables should be gone but I dont think so.

When people try to build there own website from scratch and have no clue what they are doing most of the time they end up using tables for the whole thing. I can say this from experience my first ever site was done in all tables. At first I thought it looked great but it was horrible I was using open cells just to give the next cell a padding. It was bad. So I understand that new people are going to probably use tables for everything but when you go to make a website if it is for a business don’t use tables or get someone that knows what they are doing to do the site.

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