I have been checking on the Google Keyword Tool on what people are searching for in the area of CSS and I have found many things that can pertain to css. Some of the thing that people are searching for are as follows:

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Most of these are quite the same and can be answered in a easy sentance.

1st Group – css how to, css examples, css example, and learn css; I feel can be all catogorized in the same group. Well for the most part you can look at another one of my posts that I have created and it will answer most of these questions. You can find the page at More CSS for beginners, Mistaken CSS, or you can go to w3schools.

2nd Group – css page, css stylesheet, and css layout. Well to start out the CSS page is the exact same as a CSS stylesheet but just not named right. The CSS stylesheet and css layout can be found on my Mistaken CSS and More CSS for beginners pages.

3rd Group – css tables, css top, css text, css hover, css image, css images, css margin, css height, css width, css div, css tag, css color, background image css, and div tag. Some of these are easy one line explinations. All of these you can use in a stylesheet.

css tables – You use the tag table and it should look like this table {what you want it to do}. Inside a table you can do stuff like td or tr which td is a column and tr is a row so you can say tr {what you want it to do} or td {what you want it to do}.

css top – This is used most of the time with a certain position like relative or absolute. All this does is moves the specific element down from the top. It looks something like this TAG {position:relative; top: (distance(px, em));}.

css text – There isnt a css text but you can put stuff into a p or many other TAGs.

css hover -The css hover is used with the <a> TAG which looks like this a:hover.

css image, css images, background image css – I think all of these can go together. The css image and css images are used on the TAG img and will look like this img {what you want it to do}. The background image css is used to give an image to the background and you can do this in many different ways most look like this background-image{image directory}.

css margin – This is easy and should look like this margin{top right bottom left} or you can do them like this margin-top{distance}.

css height and css width – These are quite that same all you do is height: (What you want it to do) and width:(What you want it to do).

css div and div tag – These are kind of the same the div tag is just the TAG you use for html and the css div is what you use in css to design the div. It is wrote like this div {What you want it to do}.

css color – ah the last one and probably the most complex of all of them, css color is used to say what color the font is and is used inside the TAG and looks like this color: (Your color);.

These all are pretty easy but you have to mess around with them to figure them out.