Building a business takes time and money. You will find a ton of your time and money goes towards business marketing. You have to market your business in order to build your reputation and brand. Marketing can be done many different ways and each way will work different for every business. Shane Strong as a web developer and online marketer is always pushing clients to build their online presence. This is done by advertising, keyword optimization, search engine optimization, image optimization, and many other techniques. We have lots of customers that come to us with needs for business marketing. Most are looking to build their online presence but some have no clue what they need to do to build their brand. Well you can ask yourself a couple questions to find out what exactly you need to do in order to grow your client network.

What Are You Trying To Get Out Of Your Website?

This is a question that most people end up saying traffic because in all honesty traffic make you money. Well you can have a terrible looking website and still get a ton of traffic. But what does a terrible looking website really convey to your clients. Personally I take it as you really don’t care about the website, it is just there because someone said you needed it. In order to get everything possible out of your website you really have to have a good design/look to the site. You want people to interact on the website. The longer someone stays on your website the more likely they are to email, call, purchase, register, or whatever your website does. So when you decide to market your website please think about what you really need to do to get more out of you website.

Are You Looking To Go Global?

Shane Strong works a ton will the mom and pop businesses. Most of these clients really have no clue what they are looking for or need. More than likely their cousins brothers aunts mom said they should get a online presence. Now just to let you know not every business needs a website to e successful. Should you have a website “yes” there is no easier way to convey your business to everyone than a website.

Should You Market Your Website?

This question really is not for you but for you to think about. How does you business make sales? Most mom and pop businesses are “word of mouth” and like to keep their sales local. Maybe they don’t even offer sales on there website. So if you are a “word of mouth” or a locally based business it might not be the best thing to market your website. Now as a Web Developer I have to tell you, you should market your website but not in the since that you thing. Go through fix issues and have a great design, you are only trying to convey your information to your local customers.

What You Should Do

Instead of spending a ton of money to build your online business you should really think about doing other things to build your local brand. Building your local name should be done through print marketing not web marketing. This can be accomplished extremely easily these days because there are a ton of online printing companies. Most people think online print marketing is just getting business cards online but you can get much more than just business cards. Most online printing companies offer brochures, business cards, booklets, calendars, gift certificates, flyers, invitations, labels, magnets, and much more.

So for all of you businesses that believe the web is always the way to go, take a second and think what would really work best for your company to make money. Personally as a Web Development company/blog we focus heavily on local marketing because there is no better way to build your business then with your local clients.