Even the most cynical and skeptical reading audience can be reached with a good, well-crafted, and humorous article. With so much competition in the blogosphere, it is hard to imagine that you will have much chance building a brand and discovering readers who are willing to give up a few moments of their precious time each day to stop by and read what you have to say. While there is no “key to blogging” (despite what so many blog headlines tell you) humor is a great way to reach more people and present your subject matter in a way that keeps people interested.

If you add “be funny” into your checklist of things to accomplish when writing your next blog, you are likely to send yourself into writing hell, not just a writer’s block. Even if you don’t feel like you have a funny bone in your body, that is okay. If you’ve ever laughed at anyone’s joke, a movie, or let’s face it, when a kid falls off the monkey bars, then you have as much of a humor gene as anyone. In fact, less is more when it comes to humor writing. Everyone’s sense of humor is different, so the best thing to do is tap into your own type of “funny” and just get writing, but here are some tips to get you started.

Read Funny: Reading humor essays, short stories, and even tweets from people who are pros in funny business is a good way to learn how to write humor. It is easy just to get caught up in the entertainment or the piece you read, but if you really want to learn, take a step back whenever you laugh or chuckle internally at something and figure out why it worked.

Keep a Journal: Some people like notebooks, some people take notes in their phones, some people like to write on their hands, no matter your personal style for remembering things, make it a habit to always document when you have the thought “that would make a funny blog.” Whatever you do, don’t tell yourself you will remember it, because you won’t.

Don’t Overdo it: If you get on a roll, it will be tempting to put a gag, pun, or punch line in every sentence you write. The danger here is that too much funny usually leads to the piece feeling forced and distant. Spread out your material and aim for just two or three good laughs throughout a 500 word blog.

Get Personal: The danger with humor is that it can be offensive. While a celebrity can get away with a public apology, you most likely cannot. The best way to avoid this trap is by only poking fun at yourself, not someone else. In a beat around bush way, your audience will see themselves in you and you will all have a good laugh – together.

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