Cheap Laptops: How To Find The Best On A Budget

If you want to know how to shop, save money and get bargain laptops for your everyday computer needs, here are a few top tips.

It’s always tempting to go to that bloke you know who’s fixed up an old or broken laptop. He’s going to sell it to you for a hundred quid; maybe less if you can barter with him a little. He’ll show you that it works just fine with a flash of the mouse and maybe a peek at the internet. But when you get it home, the keys don’t work or the blue screen of death appears just as you click ‘save’ on that important document. Suddenly that bloke doesn’t seem like the great saviour you thought he might be and you’re down a hundred pounds.

What to Look For

Cheap laptops are suitable for everyday needs such as internet surfing, shopping and emails. If you’re looking for high resolutions and internet gaming, you may have to stretch your purse a little further. Make sure you know what you want your laptop for.

The processor, screen and graphics card are the parts of the laptop that you should look to spend a little more on. They are hard to upgrade and so are crucial to consider when looking for a new laptop. If you can find a newer processor (though perhaps more money), the longer your laptop will last. A dual-core processor is always a good investment.

Always look for the famous, reputable companies and brands that everyone has heard of, this way you can easily get it repaired or serviced. You will also be able to find reviews online from others who have used that particular model, and be able to gauge whether it is suitable for your needs.

Battery life is an issue that can be disappointing and often one we forget to enquire about. Choose a high voltage Lithium-ion battery and you will be safe- you don’t want to be carting around your battery, having to plug it in every single time you use it. Remember to ask about memory: 4GB short term storage or RAM and 320GB of hard disk storage will be perfect for the basic user.

The best cheap laptops come in at around £300 and are definitely worth that little bit more than that bloke you know from down the road. Visit for cheap laptop deals.