Any GPS enabled devices helps you to locate the position perfectly and with it you can never get lost. It is similar in case of location based marketing. Here a text message is delivered on the phone to a customer when he/she is near the store and wants to make a purchase. It is called as a holy grail for the retailers. Such services are mostly new and hence they are low cost compared to other marketing platforms. These messages generate around ten times more business than any generic ad. Here are some tips to start off the location based marketing.

  1. Use Facebook ads

    Advertising on Facebook is not only cost effective but also very efficient way to market and geo-tag the customers. A Facebook campaign helps you to determine the demographics, customer interests and many other things.

  2. Best used for impulsive and low-cost items

    Location based marketing is best used for local businesses and for items that are purchased impulsive and are low-cost. This will work best for a cup of coffee or an ice-cream. Marketing about any offer made for low price and less time like a sample massage.

  3. Localizing your website

    Purchase the domains where your target audience are and make the transactions available in local currencies.

  4. Let the customer choose to opt in

    Every customer is not happy providing you with personal information. So give them the option to provide you with the details which they are ready to part with. Let this information not be available to any third party. If they trust you, they will be ready to part with their information. Make it easy for them to quit if they do not want to continue with the service.

  5. Transparency is helpful

    Make sure to explain the customer how you intend to use their information and what services are being provided. Assure them that there are no issues over privacy.

  6. Use features that encourage repeat business

    For any business, loyalty is very important and not one time shoppers. So provide then with rewarding points for repeat visits. Send them offers that will increase their loyalty for your products and reward them for repeat visits.

Technology advancement is so fast that a business man will have to adapt them for increasing the customer base. Location based advertising is the current means to do so. Apart from being cost-effective it is also a very effective way to keep your customers informed of the latest deals. But the highest return on investment for a business comes with a number of social media and location based marketing services so that it can reach all the target audience. Try finding out which works well for you and use a combination of marketing techniques. In short, all eggs in one basket is not a good idea.

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