There are a ton of ways to get more traffic to your site but really there are only a couple ways to build your sites value. How is your site measured by the amount of traffic it gets, how much it makes in profit in a given month, what its PageRank is. There is a lot of different ways to make your site valuable. I prefer to do the easy way by how much your site makes in a given month. The reason that I consider this easy is because you have so many different ways to go about doing this. Most of these ways depend on how much traffic/popularity your site has. One of the easiest ways is to put ads on your site. You can choose from many different advertising companies. This is where it gets hard because if your site does not have the traffic/popularity then most of these companies will not accept you.

Google Ads

Google everyone knows them and probably everyone has seen multiple ads by them. They will accept every site. Not just because they have the money to do so but they can measure where the person who clicked on the ad came from. For instance If you put ads up on your site by Google. You have to register where you live with them. Now not saying that you should but yeah you could go to a neighboring town and click on your ads and yes you will probably get money for it. But, Google is smart if it finds a pattern in clicks and area of the clicks then it will suspect something and you can get prosecuted for it. What does this mean you will loose your ability to use Google ads and could be fined and possible jail time. In order to setup Google ads on your site all that you have to do is register with Google Adsence it is really easy to find just go to Google and search for Google ads or ads. You do not have to have a Google email to register. Once you setup your account then all you have to do is go through the tutorials inside Google Adsence to get the feel for how to go about making money. The really tough part about making money with Google is where to put the ads. For instance you want the ads in places that people are going to click them and they dont look like ads. There are different kinds of ads and ad sizes that you can choose from. I am using there rss feed ads and there regular ads.

Other Ad Companies

There are a ton of other really good ad companies but the two that I like the most is Chitika Ads and Text Link Ads. Both of these ad companies pay pretty good especially Text Link Ads. The only problem with these ad companies is you have to have a high amount of traffic to your site before they will accept you. A really good way to increase your traffic to your site is with Optimization. This can be done in many different ways the best is to get everything optimized. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Title and Alt Tags, Content Emphasis, Creating Ads For Your Self, and much more. The best is to do all of them but if you are looking for some quick traffic. Then you best bet is to create a ad with a high end company (Google). Google is extremely cheap for creating ads it would only cost you around $50-$100 a month for good ads and it goes up from there. Now even with creating ads for yourself this doesn’t mean that your site is going to get enough of a boost that it needs. That is why I said that it is best to get everything done. That way you are building traffic from multiple areas. Whether it be Search Engines, Advertising, or Keywords.

SEO Packages

If you are in need of any Search Engine Optimization I do have packages and I can teach people how to do SEO. My monthly packages for SEO all depend on how much you want done. I charge $25US an hour. With that my recommended package would be 20 hours a month this will give you the best outcome. Of course the more hours you do the better outcome you will get but at 20 hours a month I can really get enough done to your site that it will show improvement a lot quicker and will make you more money faster. I also have a bunch more different packages and prices for web based projects, you can go to Work Prices.