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There had been a remarkable buzz with the procedure of WordPress installation that revolved around the Brute Force Attack that appeared on the WordPress Login Page. However, it was encountered as global attack on the WordPress installations that occurred in a well organized and amazing manner. This also took place with the involvement of over 90,000 IP addresses.

It is also noteworthy fact that there is a plethora of ways that will drive a good traffic on your website. Below listed are a few WordPress plugins that can be also integrated by iPhone App Development to smartphones that can be automated with the process of leveraging the top most traffic building opportunities that can also be availed using the search engine optimization, social networking and social bookmarking. There are many WordPress plugins also that can help you in using the Twitter so as to boost the traffic in an authentic manner.

Plugins boosting website traffic:



This plugin is the most ideal one for the blog post and you may see many people asking for the same and about its installation process. The one which is being used on ExportPhotography is known as Sharebar, however, there are many more versions such as Digg. These all carry out with the same process. Its process includes allowing the readers to choose the social media that can be used to share the content which is much easier as well as encouraging.



It is a very simple plugin that will automatically add the links to your social bookmarking websites on the pages, posts and also within the RSS feeds. The user can avail the option of 99 sites among which the best one can be chosen. The readers can also acquire the way to grab the reader’s attention and to boost the website traffic.

Tweet This:


This plugin will assist you to boost the likelihood for the visitors so that they can share the blog using the Twitter so that overall potential blog traffic can be increased. As soon as the plugin will be installed, an invitation will be included at the finish line of the blog post and thus, it suggests the readers to Tweet and share the link for the post that they are reading. In case, you are availing this plugin within your iOS device, then simply hire iOS App Developer for getting it customized.

Show Top Commentators:


Being a plugin, it will offer you the great way through which people will be encouraged to make the new comments often, because the ranking will be leveraged to those who comments the most. It will be very easy to compare and become major or usual in karma, Foursquare, but it does not mean anything that you cannot handle, however, people will have it. Using this, you can link the names, provided website along with the appropriate amount of comments within the sidebar. This will simply offer the best way to boost the interaction level of the readers and it will also allow the people to visit the website more than once.

Headspace 2 SEO:


All-in-one meta-data manager can be defined in a single name; Headspace 2. This allows the user to define the keywords, tags, descriptions, page titles. There is much more that can be handles such as posts, categories, pages and much more. It will also support a plethora of add-ons along with Statcounter, Google Analytics, Feedburner Stats Pro along with Crazy Egg heat map.

Google XML Sitemaps:


A perfect plugin which is made up of the specific benefit of search engine optimization by keeping in mind to aid the Google in exploring each and every post as well as page of the blog so that they can be indexed and can be crawled easily on all the search engines. The plugin works amazingly on all the blogs that needs to be indexed by the search engines.

Post to Twitter:


This plugin will take any content that have been posted on WordPress and further, it will post it to the Twitter. This will further notify all other followers. Such kind of automation is accepted on the Twitter but not Facebook as the number of posts on Facebook is more. Posting on a Facebook account is something that needs to be manually done and the reason being is that Facebook can actually detect the program that is used for posting.

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