The Rising Trend of Bright Flat Colors in Web Design

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Everyday is a new transformation for the world wide web. From SEO dynamics to web trends, these keep changing at a rapid pace. The basics of every change remains one: Get the right people on the right website. With these new additions and evolutions comes a whole heard of followers who eventually use these evolved trends and make them saleable to the clients.

In the web design world, the latest that seems to be catching the fancy of every one is the flat graphics with bold and vibrant colors. The trend caught up after apple announced its new version of the operating system. The very first look won the hearts of most. The flat icons were seen as a fresh change to all the UI stagnancy that had been floating around for a while now. Its been a “flat-vibrant” interactive interface ever since.

It does seem all appealing to the eyes but have you tried to sit down and analyse why you like flat and colorful graphics much more? We have done our own analysi, keeping in mind a lot of things and have conclusively come up with some very practically reasoning to suffice our inquisitive minds. Here is our version of why we think they work fabulously.

1. Legibility of fonts on Bright Colors

Because of the vibrant colors, the fonts used are straight, white with proper shadows on it. It gives more attention to what is the message that needs to be conveyed.

2. Better data visualization

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Since there aren’t too heavy graphics or a slurry of too many colors, the data that is of priority can be noticed in a better way. You can use vibrant colors at a certain specific buttn set or for creatives on a specific spot where you want the maximum traction.

3. Blurred Picture Backgrounds

This trend also supports using a Hi Def Picture either blurred out or darkened beneath the logo or written text for giving a more elegant look. This sure works wonders for giving a clean and minimal look if you are putting it up on the homepage or a major chunk of the landing page.

4. Minimalism Rules

For a while now, people have been looking for the best ways to make things minimal and clean. In the end, what we need is attention and communication and minimalism ensures that about right.

5. Two Color Combinations

For a more clean look, 2 broad color combinations are used. It gives the whole campaign an identity and makes sure there is a continuity in the project. Once your website or a campaign has endorsed the use of these 2 specific colors and styling, the forthcoming creatives in the project fall as identifiable story components. You are building a brand in itself without much of a fuss.

Sure, every trend enjoys its own fair share of love post which it experiences a downfall. You do not need to get a diploma of graphic design in melbourne to understand this bit. It does seem like the minimal, bright colored fad of flat icons is going to stay for a while, but lets hope the while is a long stay. Until something new turns up, use it up to lure your clients and stay in the run for the best design trends. Do you have examples of some campaign where you used these and got great feedback? Feel free to share with us on the comments section below!

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Toni Meadows is a retired Business professor who now blogs about education and it’s importance in society. He has visited several colleges in Melbourne and has written his observations on business courses and opinions about each one.