The Emergence Of Monochromatic Colors In Web Design

You just can’t overstate the fact that colors can have a huge impact on the way a piece of web design is perceived by its audience. Across the web we see various web designs fashioned with different color spectrum all striving for the user attention. Web design makes use of discrete color combinations, ranging from unique to scattered and minimal colorful integration simply to uplift and revamp its overall look and feel.

Recently, we have seen an emergence of monochromatic colors in the realm of web designing. Using a single color in different shades is what best describe a monochromatic scheme. Websites using this kind of pattern catch the attention of its users due to its elegance, soothing effect, and clean appearance. Here, a single color base is selected and then white and black are added to modify the color shade. Monochromatic color scheme can be extremely effective in enhancing the individuality of a color while maintaining the design harmony throughout the website.

Above is an example of monochromatic color:

Color Harmony in Monochromatic Design

The majority of monochromatic designs are based on enduring black-and-white color scheme accompanied an extensive use of gray tones. Due to this, it might seem that black and white and monochromatic colors follow common set of rules, but this isn’t that simple to understand. Talking about black and white, it’s quite easy to make differences between these two owing to their contrasting aspects. On the contrary, monochromatic colors make use of a single color presenting in multiple shades, without any direct opposite. This way one can say that monochromatic color scheme is all about creating harmony than contrast, and go well together to fabricate a relaxing atmosphere.

Well, you must be thinking why graphic designers would want to make use of monochromatic color scheme on their websites. In this post, I will talk about the reasons why monochromatic designs can be helpful in garnering the attention of your visitors. So, without much ado, let’s discuss about them in detail.

  1. Ease of Design

    Working with multiple colors can be very tiring as compared to a single color. Web designers using monochromatic color scheme can better concentrate on one color and make it look clean and elegant to establish the vibrant mood of a website.

  2. Eye-catching

    The monochromatic color scheme is created by using variations in lightness and saturation of a single color within the color wheel. This is something which adds to its simplicity and clarity. The scheme work effectively on a design and it is also very easy on the eyes, especially when it comes to using green or blue hues. This enhances the overall personality of a design and make it more appealing.

  3. No Color Conflict

    Since only single color has been used, this reduces the chances of color clashing. You’ll also feel safe in terms of going wrong for using an irrelevant the color combination. Monochromatic color scheme is a secure way especially when you don’t have a sound knowledge of right color combinations.

  4. Allows You Focus on Essential Elements

    Using monochromatic colors means you have better opportunity to highlight or emphasize the important areas of your website. You can use contrasting colors to make anything noticed. Additionally, it isn’t an uphill battle to choose an appropriate contrast as you can choose different shades of one color to meet your diverse needs.

  5. Easily Accessible

    As we know that the monochromatic design makes use of different shades of a single color and not color variants, website designed using this pattern is more accessible to visually impaired people. This helps you expanding your reach while making your website available to those who can’t see the color. This way everyone could explore your website, which is a key to success.

Monochromatic Color Themes

  1. Insurance WordPress Responsive Theme

    A very beautiful WordPress theme styled with subtle shades and tints of red. The text panels are designed carefully to draw the attention, while templates divided into different sections further complete the look. The theme is fully responsive and will surely help you to connect with your audience.

  2. Civil Bank Responsive Joomla Template

    This responsive template is all about elegance and efficiency. Designed for civil banks, the template is beautifully styled with concentrated fonts on the header. The menu, footer, and login area designed with soothing shades of blue together bring a lot of life to this template.

  3. Agriculture Responsive WordPress Theme

    If you own a farming business then this template is all what you need. Agriculture Responsive Theme is decorated with soothing shades of green which perfectly complements your agri-products.

  4. Art & Photography JavaScript Based on Template

    This elegant template is designed minimal and is perfect for those who run a portfolio website. The whole theme is designed using different shades of purple coupled with pink and white fonts.

Wrapping Up

Monochromatic colors can supply a lot of creativity in a web design. They are great in creating calm and pleasingly graceful environment on a website.