7 Predictions For Web Design For The Year Of 2014

Photo credits: Serge Kij

If you’re a web designer, staying on top of everything that’s changing is important if you want to stay current and be able to design award winning websites. Lucky for you, we’ve put together an article that has list of seven specific predictions for web design in 2014. You may have heard some or all of these before, but this list is special.

Seven 2014 Web Design Predictions

There’s a very good chance all of the predictions below are going to come true in 2014. While it may not all happen in January, as the year progresses, it’s likely you’re going to see a lot of them on the web or at least hear other designers talking about them.

  1. Responsive Design – A lot of websites have an entire subdomain for their mobile site, but this is going to go away (thankfully) as responsive web design becomes more popular.
  2. HTML5 – Another thing that’s going to continue being big in web design in 2014 is HTML5, which is finally starting to gain more acceptance. If you haven’t worked with HTML5 yet, you need to give it a try.
  3. CSS3 – Along with HTML5, CSS3 is also going to continue becoming more important this year. There’s so much that CSS3 allows you to do – all very easily.
  4. Speed is Important – This has always been important for the best web designers, but it’s going to become even more important in 2014 and beyond. The good news is that there are a lot of tools that make cutting website load times down a lot easier, even if it’s something like using CloudFlare.
  5. Client Side Flash – This is OLD technology that will hopefully be left for the Internet history books soon. A lot of people still use Adobe’s proprietary software, but HTML5 is coming along quite nicely when it comes to animations and more, making Flash a bit useless.
  6. Browser Wars – The browser wars will most likely remain in a stalemate, with IE and Chrome being the two most used. Opera, Firefox and others will continue to exist, but they’ll slowly start fading most likely.
  7. Better Fonts – With Google Fonts, it’s become really easy to get eye catching fonts on your website without a lot of hassles or headaches. This will likely continue to get easier. Hopefully Comic Sans won’t become widely used by newbie web designers!

If you can manage to keep the above list in your mind as you’re designing websites this year, you’re going to have an easier time making sure you keep your clients happy. As you probably know, it’s impossible to keep all your clients perfectly happy all the time, but by doing good work, you’re going to go far in your career.

Written by: Gideon TakSen buys day old chicks online for his reptiles. He works in a New York social media management position and hopes to travel to Japan someday.