5 Ways to Drive More Traffic towards your WordPress Blog

We bloggers are quite insecure and apprehensive. Comes with the very nature of being us – the writers! Several questions like whether others will appreciate what I have to say, would they be able to connect to my sentiments, does my words voice the opinions of aplenty, especially those who are not yet able to put words to their feelings? And a lot more such similar questions often haunt our peaceful night’s sleep.

If lately you have experienced that your blog is not doing as well as it used to, please don’t beat your heart up for that. For this may be a little indication of the fact that you have not taken the right set of steps to popularize your blog posts, and nothing particularly being wrong with you as a writer. A blog can only function if it has good and riveting and quite topical content, an easily understandable and relatable use of language, along with fetching images and quirky comments.

And while you have all of the above features well in place, one can always do with a little extra help from the technology. As WordPress was basically developed for the bloggers to publish and efficiently market their blog, you would be amazed to discover just how many features and plugins it has made available for the users to popularize their blog with. As any technology junkie would say, a perfect platform is one that performs maximum number of your tasks for you, and leaves you well equipped to concentrate on the core area of your expertise (which is writing, of course.) We would now let you discover the plugins that would help your blog reach out to a number of users at large. At anytime if you feel shriveled with the use of so much of technology – installation and updating, you may consider opting for offshore WordPress development which offers various services from an iota to a whole lot of it.

WordPress plugins to popularize your blog posts:

wp greet box

WP Greet Box

As the name suggests, the plugin greets the users the moment they visit the blog and politely asks them to subscribe to the RSS feeds of your blog. The reason why we said polite was because the plugin adds a personal message in the very beginning, depending on the online space the user is coming from. For instance, if the user is coming to your blog from the Facebook page, the plugin would politely say “Hi Facebook friend. Welcome to my blog!”


Link Within

This is a smart plugin to inspire the users to stay hooked to your blog. By putting a link within plugin, you get a small box at the end of your post which lets the user know about your previous blog post. Thus, by the time the readers are done with one blog, they get an option to perhaps go through another post of yours on your blog. And so, if you have got nice and tantalizing content on your blog post, the user would be driven towards staying a bit longer and going through the rest of it. And wouldn’t that be simply amazing?

facebook like button

Facebook Like Button

Okay, we all know that our blog needs the power of the most popular social networking platform – Facebook to increase its traffic. And with this one simple WordPress Facebook plugin, the bloggers get to easily offer the readers a simple way to like and follow your posts. Also, with the help of this plugin, the users can easily just like your Facebook page and get in touch with you out there. As a blogger, if you wish to build an entire community of the like-minded people around your blog, this is the way to go for it.

bookmark sexy

Sexy Bookmarks

Since the social bookmarking is so much in these days, here is a WordPress plugin which lets you exploit the best of the same. Sexy Bookmarks is a visually attractive plugin which makes available a number of social bookmarking options for the users and also allows you, as Bloggers, to include call to action buttons through which you may urge your loyal users to share the content.

tweet old post

Tweet Old Post

If you have been looking out for options to use the older posts on your Twitter account and use it to uplift the rankings of your blog, this is the option for you. We update our Twitter account almost daily and hence the important stuff may go unnoticed. But with the help of this plugin, you get an easy way to promote all of your previous post seamlessly.

This was our take on making your WordPress blog popular amongst the online users. Let us know what you thought about the same in the comments section below.

About Author:

John Pitt is a blogging junkie and also a developer working with an Offshore WordPress Development company. You can often find him either thinking about his next blog posts or ganging up with his fellow WordPress Developers. For your project you may hire WordPress developers and avail the expert services provided by them.