WordPress Splash Page

You see splash pages all over the place and a ton of designers love to create a splash page. Rather the page is done in html, images, or even flash. You find these pages primarily on sports team websites. It is really easy to create a WordPress splash page. If you follow the easy list of steps below you can get started with your splash page.

1) First you have to create your template file or you could use your index.php file but creating a template file is better if you want to change the splash page later. So let’s get into our template folder and create a splash.php. This name does not matter so if you create multiple you can name them whatever you want.

2) Now you have to give the file a template name or snarfer. This can be done with the code below.

3) Next you have to add in the basic html setup. I am using html 5 for this example.

4) Next you have to add in your wp_head() and wp_footer(). You actually don’t have to do this but for plugin purposes it is a good idea. If you are not sure the wp_head() goes inside the head at the end and the wp_footer() goes at the bottom of your page right before the end body tag.

5) Now you need to add in your cool custom images, flash, or html.

6) After you have that created you can go into you Dashboard and create a page to hold you splash page. Make sure you give it your template and give it a title but you don’t have to put any content in it. Now if you are using a SEO plugin like Yoast or All in One as long as you remembered to add in your wp_head you will still be able to add in your meta info through your page.

7) After you have created your page and added the template all that is left is to set that page as your main page. You can do that by heading to Settings -> Reading and under Front Page Display you can select your page.

It is that easy less than 10 steps and you got your own custom splash page. This is great for advertisements and news updates. The other great thing you can do is create a Home page template and just link your splash to that. So your viewers would end up at http://yourdomain.com/home. I hope this has helped you and please feel free to leave a comment to either make this better or just give shanestrong.com props.

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Hi I am Shane the main author of this blog. I am a self taught web developer. I have been working in this industry since 2008. I work a lot with WordPress, Magento, SEO & SEM, and custom built websites. I love all sports and I will try anything at least twice.

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