Making a new page layout or template with Magento is kind of a tricky task. Magento comes standard with a 3column, 2column-right, 2coulmn-left, 1coulmn, and a empty layout but what if you wanted to create a 4column or maybe just create a custom template for your pages or even just certain pages. Well in order

As a Web Developer, Search Engine Optimizer and Search Engine Marketer, I go crazy when one of my sites gets a better Google PageRank. Now the real question is how powerful is your Google PageRank? Google has stopped using PageRank in there webmasters tools. Google feels that PageRank is not something that is of much

With the new release of WordPress 2.8 the developers really took in what people had to say and made some vast changes to the content management system. One of the biggest changes that the team made that the end user and really the admin won’t really see is the database changes. The WordPress team made