How To Use Social Media Creatively For Launching New Product

Are you among the lot who is looking for creative ideas for launching your product? Thankfully the advent of social media has made things easy for those who wish to employ this strategy.

Below are listed some of the best creative ways that will help you promote your products on social media.

1.) Creating a Teaser campaign on Facebook

At times, the idea is just a though. It is in such situations that teaser campaigns on social media sites can work to your advantage. You can post some reference points about your desired product in advance on social media websites as Facebook. You will be surprised to find that people from all segments of society will be showing interest in your endeavor.

While creating a teaser campaign, you can experiment using Facebook posts that are usually with or without any image. To create natural curiosity for your product or service, you can reference the code names in all your updates.

A word of caution though, do not go overboard and reveal much about your idea as this can spoil the whole idea. Curiosity needs to be kept alive for making your endeavor successful.

2.) Creating a video with personal touch

Social media is a great way of connecting with people. You need to realize this and come up with a video highlighting your service details. Add a personal touch to the same and see your fortunes surging. To create a good teaser video, you need to start with a script and record the video creatively.

You will also need to have photos that support the video. Have a bunch of working video clips that support the script which you have put together.

3.) Having behind the scene videos

A lot of effort goes into creating and promoting the service or product. Your potential clients should know about this. Making this possible is not a tough task if you put in some creativity together. Script some behind the scene videos and share the same via social media websites. Your potential customers will take a note of this and will appreciate all the hard work that you have put in.

4.) Have some interviews posted

Whatever might be your field of specialization and the category of service, you have decided to promote via social media, chances are bright that if you plan things creatively, it will work to your advantage.

Find out some experts from your field of specialization and post interviews with them on social media platforms. This will add a lot of credibility to your ideas and those who take a note of the same will surely consider you with full seriousness. Not only will their knowledge increase on the service you intend to promote but also will they feel connected with you.

5.) Encouraging people to spread your endeavor

Trying all the above listed measures will help you build a niche clientele, even before the product of service gets launched. You need to take advantage of this fact and encourage people to spread your message via the social media platform, be it Facebook or Twitter. Ask people to spread the message and connect to others. Your message can be shared by your potential clients through Facebook. In case, you are promoting your ideas through Twitter too, re-tweets can work wonders for your endeavor.

The trick is to motivate people to act as messengers and spread the message further. Almost everyone seems to be active on social media and spreading the message through this medium will bring the much needed attention for your endeavor.

6.) Integrating the launch into various platforms

The idea or concept, you have decided to promote through social media need to be integrated through various platforms. In case you have a blog, the idea can come up in form of a banner ad on the blog itself. The same can also reflect in your Twitter bio and also as a background image.

Use the idea or concept as your Facebook page cover image. All your contacts will get to know instantly about the idea and will help the message spread further. The idea can be highlighted on Google + page too.

For those having a LinkedIn company page, the idea can work wonders as sharing the same on LinkedIn can help spread the message to your professional friends and clients.

Social media sites have emerged as a creative platform for sharing ideas and concepts, be it for personal or professional reasons. Follow the above listed tips and reap the benefits.

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