WordPress SEO for Developers – Get the most from Yoast

Pretty much everyone that owns, runs or works with a website is aware of the value and importance of SEO. No doubt, you’re aware that it’s extremely important for your domain to practice and exercise SEO in order to gain good organic ranking for keywords relevant to your business or website. WordPress, arguably the most prominent service for developing websites, is coded so well it’s referred to amongst experts as ‘SEO friendly’. However, while WordPress plays nicely amongst the SEO field, there can be many advanced benefits from employing the Yoast WordPress plugin. Since its inception, the SEO plugin boasts well over a millions upon millions of downloads.

Obtaining good organic ranking in Google is highly significant to any business, no matter the industry or landscape. If your domain has good ranking, then the products or services you provide will receive more traffic and subsequent conversions. Google is home to vast amounts of potential customers – being front and center in front of these customers is the key to generating more business. So, what’s a great stop to help optimize your website? Look no further than Yoast’s SEO plugin for WordPress as your first port of call to optimizing your page. Here are a few reasons why using Yoast is the best option for improving your SEO and Google rankings.

  1. When applying Meta information, the Yoast plugin will display a Google search result snippet preview allowing you to see how the content of your page will look when someone searches for it in Google.
  2. It has the capacity to get you verified Google Authorship for your domain. This allows you to link content from your page with a Google+ profile, meaning you can promote blog posts or news regarding your company and its products or services.
  3. Yoast will rank your SEO rating on a page to page basis from Bad, Poor, Ok, to Good. Subsequently, it will give you advice and recommendations on how to improve pages with a Bad and Poor status, to that of Good. It counts the keyword density, how often your focus keyword is present on the page title, in the Meta description and also within the content on a specific page and/or post.
  4. When linked with Google Webmaster tools, it has the capacity to notify search engines automatically once content on your website is published.
  5. Yoast will also provide an automatically generated XML sitemap, in where you can list the web pages of your domain – informing Google of your site content and what pages to view for specific information.

We’ve only touched on a few, but Yoast boasts a number of reasons to use it as an SEO plugin for your domain. WordPress domains that utilize Yoast put themselves in the position to gain rankings for their site effectively. Ignoring any chance to improve visibility in search engines for your website could prove costly, driving potential business into the pockets of your competitors.