Why is Communication so Important in SEO?

In the SEO industry, the importance of an agency or freelance SEO professional keeping in touch and telling a client everything that is going on is one of the most crucial aspects of a working relationship. However, communication in the other direction, from the client back to the SEO agency, is equally as important, if not even more so. In fact, the term ‘working relationship’ is perhaps the best way to sum up what you are doing. Yes, you are paying an SEO agency or freelance professional for their services and for them to help you move up the search rankings, but it is much more a partnership arrangement than simply giving them the money and then stepping back to get on with your own thing.

If you aren’t communicating with your SEO, then you stand a real risk of devaluing all of the work they are doing, not to mention the money you are spending. Here are a few examples of why communication is king in your partnership.

Website Updates

You probably already know that fresh, original content is a great way to rank better in the search results. However, you need to discuss any updates or posts you are planning with your SEO, as they will point you in the direction of suggested titles and keywords you could use to make the content ‘richer’ without making it look like a blatant attempt to optimize it.

If you are planning to remove any content, again, discuss it first, as it might be wise not to, at least for the time being.

Please note that this point includes anything to do with web design, too. Yes, web design is a separate entity to SEO, but if you do anything related to the design it can have an impact on your search result. Your SEO will probably recommend that you share any plans with them prior to carrying them out, but if not, ensure that you do so anyway.

Is Anyone Else Working For You?

SEO is just one part of the complex entity that is online marketing. If you have outsourced other elements to different agencies, it is essential that you tell your SEO the work that is being carried out already. This might be an online PR campaign, or social media marketing, both of which can have an impact on SEO.

All of these campaigns will work better if the parties you are working with have open communication lines between themselves, as well as with you.

This guest post was written by Robert at Bright Local who are market leaders in delivering local seo tools.

If Your Business Changes

The nature of business means that you will be constantly evolving, and at some stage, new products or services might come under your banner. Of course, this represents an opportunity that your SEO needs to know about, as your keyword priorities might change, or a whole new range of guest blogging opportunities might become available because of your new initiative.

Make It News

Share everything with your SEO if you have to, if they think they can make it into an attractive press release, they’ll send it out on your behalf and drive even more traffic to your website.

Don’t be worried about ‘over communicating,’ as in search, that is almost impossible. Share everything, and you will see better results.