Ethical Hacking: Why Your Business Needs It

The advancement of IT security for a business is necessary as technology continues to grow. There has been an upsurge in the number of threats to computers and other information systems across the globe. Recent hacking events have seen photos get leaked online, major corporation systems breached and various forms of fraud and crimes committed by hackers. This, therefore, creates a need for a security bodyguard, the ethical hacker, as employed by agencies such as Sense of Security.

Current trends lean towards virtualization, where cloud-based systems and applications are gaining popularity in many companies. This transition calls for extreme measures to enhance information security. This can effectively be achieved by engaging a competent, ethical hacker.

What Ethical Hackers Do

The main function of an ethical hacker is to find ways of shielding a company or business from hackers. This is a set-a-thief-to-catch-a-thief scenario whereby the ethical hacker thinks like a real hacker and does security tasks such as penetration testing to find weak spots that a hacker may exploit to get into the business system.

Most people erroneously believe that cybercriminals only target financial institutions. However, with the advancing technology, big data has become a resource that even cybercriminals find useful. This places all organizations – small, large or medium – at risk of getting hit by hacking attacks. It is the duty of the ethical hacker to keep the organization safe from illegal hacking through constant monitoring and performing a network penetration test frequently to seal off any loopholes that may be prone to hacking.

Why Hire A Professional Ethical Hacker?

Nowadays, corporate security is changing tremendously and encompasses both physical and internet security. Many companies are fast embracing technology and automation. This means that many processes are online and thus vulnerable to illegal hacking. Big corporations have consequently recruited teams of highly skilled ethical hackers to keep their systems secure. The activities of ethical hackers include doing a routine penetration test every now and then.

Hiring ethical hackers, therefore, is no longer an issue of choice, but rather, a necessity for every organization or business that cannot afford to have an external agent hack into its systems. The ethical hacker can be hired through various agencies or can be recruited into the business as a permanent in-house ethical hacker. For obvious reasons, the ethical hacker must be certified and has to sign various crucial terms of agreement with the company or business.

Duties Of The Ethical Hacker

It is the responsibility of the ethical hacker to:

  • Manage and develop proper security protocols that avoid breaches into the business’ information systems
  • Develop and maintain computer systems that prevent intrusion by hackers and safeguard the systems and information in the corporation from malicious attacks
  • Protect consumer and employee data that is held within the business
  • Perform regular tests on the network systems in the business
  • Create security cognizance at all levels of the business

The overall duty of the ethical hacker in any business, therefore, is preventing illegal hacking. Compromising on security of a business’ network systems can be its downfall in today’s world. Breaches always come with a loss. Such losses will be remarkably reduced when ethical hackers are hired to protect the business from cyber criminals.