Most people look at their website and go why am I not getting traffic to it. Well if you just look at the site it won’t build any traffic. My question to you is would you like to have a traffic jam on your website. I would because that means my site is getting so much traffic I am going to have to upgrade my servers. Wouldn’t that be great so much traffic that your server crashes. Most people have no idea on how to create traffic to their site let alone just doing that basics to gain traffic. Well I am going to give you a breakdown of some of the basics to building traffic. Just so you know building traffic takes time and sometimes money.

Traffic Meta Breakdown

Back in the day all traffic came from your meta tags and your keywords. Don’t get me wrong these are still very useful but they don’t build you as much traffic because of the millions of website out there. To give you an example I would love to be the number 1 site on Google for web design well that really isn’t practical it is possible but when you search web design you get 343,000,000 that is how many pages are being crawled with the words web design. Now I am not saying don’t try to get to the top of the list. Defiantly try but try for something a little smaller like for instance I am from Michigan and so I am trying to get top for Lansing Web Design and Michigan Web Design. If you search Lansing Web Design I am close to the top. Now if I use keywords like that and try to focus on a smaller scale my site will rise on the bigger scale.

Your keyword meta tag is important but you have two other tags that are even more important your title meta tag and description meta tag. Your title meta tag is different from your normal title tag because it is what the browsers look at first and way a lot of their decisions on. The regular title tag is also very important it should be used everywhere that it is possible.

Best Ways To Produce Traffic

Here is a list of some really good ways to build traffic to your site.
1) Submitting – You must submit your site to search engines.
2) Use a favicon.ico
3) Depending on what your site is about submit it to other sites with that kind of material.
4) Have a lot of content. This still has to be good content. Pictures really bring in lots of traffic.
5) Use your META tags effectively. META help
6) Advertise with google or other advertising companies.
7) Use Social Media by talking about your site.

Probably the fastest way to get traffic to your site is pay per click. Yes it is going to cost you but in the long run of things it will be worth it. Some people think that after doing these things your site will just magically appear at the top of Google or Yahoo but it won’t. Building a vast amount of traffic takes time and some times money.

Website Design , Development, and SEO Marketing

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