Top 3 Internet Marketing apps so far in 2012

Are you an Internet marketing looking to increase your knowledge? Internet marketers spend months on different campaigns regarding their website, lists, article marketing, and everything else to earn a profit. Whether it means to sell your own products or as an affiliate, the IM world is a tough job that can be quite rewarding in the end. In today’s technology, there are thousands of marketers who are revolutionizing the way IMers are working. Tons of apps have been available for the marketers looking to gain more knowledge and help while being on the go.


Did you know that there was actually a WordPress app available for iPhone users? The truth is that WordPress is being used by thousands of marketers on a daily basis. It is pretty rare for a marketer not to use WordPress in their marketing efforts. With this cool app, you can easily edit your posts and even add new ones while you are on the go. Get the chance to fix up your WordPress blogs while being on the road. Even if you decide not to add so much big stuff to your blogs, it is always nice to get the chance to edit simple stuff while on the go.

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Want to find out certain things about your ROI and other possibilities when promoting a Clickbank product? The truth is that most marketers will still want to do some research even during a trip and just cannot wait until they go home. All of your research regarding a Clickbank is done using this app. If you are still very into Clickbank despite others not being so much into it, this is a cool app that can be very useful.


Do you personally love Do you use it all the time to get your sites and blogs more appreciated online through the search engines and the local social networking sites? Nothing is better to use than this cool app. It works in the same way as the site. You can easily get your site notified and gaining more attention via the search engines. Not too many people are fond of this app because you can easily do the same thing on your laptop, but for those who just can’t wait to get home could use this app and instantly get that social push.

The above apps are all very worth the time to download on your iPhone if you are an avid Internet marketer. They can help you do ordinary stuff that others wouldn’t be able to do outside of the laptop. Many marketers are actually beginning to get educated on how to create an iPhone app in order to take their skill set to the next level.

Dan is a marketer and blogger who enjoys not only utilizing iPhone apps for work but for fun too. He is a self proclaimed Angry Birds addict.

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