What Magento 2.0 Has In Its Store for E-commerce Websites

Buoyed up by the success of Magento 1.x and previous versions, the team Magento is all set to offer you its latest and all the more powerful Magento 2.0 version, which is sure to supercharge your existing online store, as and whenever it is launched.

Talks are on that Magento 2.0 is much more improved and upgraded as compare to its successors. One major change that can be noticed with the version is that it is available on Github. This empowers the Magento community to contribute into its development process as they can now request to add or remove any feature by accessing directly through the main github repository.

Apart from this, there are several other significant improvements which can be seen in Magento 2.0, thus making online owner all the more positive and excited about this newest version.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Magento In Github

One of the most noticeable improvements made by Magento developers is to develop Magento 2 in Github. Now, the community of Magento will contribute proactively to its overall improvements and developments. Now, anyone belonging to the community can add or remove new features, fix bugs, and create a pull strategy with the version 2.0

2. Improved File Structures

In Magento 2.0 the team has created app/design/frontend based themes, and this is the only point where all the themes and templates can be restored inside all the custom themes. Magento 2 is provided with a structure where changes can take place easily. There will be no longer any boring or dull base themes, instead, users are provided with a facility to view all the base structure into the module structure. For example, the Catalog product view has been now shifted to app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/view/frontend/product/view.phtml and in place of having a Catalog.xml there is a base/layout folder inside, which provides a complete and single view of each module.

3. Better User Experience and Store Management

Undoubtedly, Magento 2.0 will emerge as a powerful tool for customer retention for the online owners. The version is built with powerful features to give better user’s experience and store management. With its improved menus and navigation’s, users will have the facility to seamlessly switch between different categories. The previous versions of Magento are often time consuming in the sense that they lack the capability to provide a flawless extensive line of product flow. Thanks to the upgraded features of Magento 2, as users can now expect to create their own products flow and thus organize the overall store effectively. Additionally, the improvements in tax structures and rates can also be seen in Magento 2.


4. Improved Payment and Transaction Structure

Magento 2 has come up with better and enhanced methods of payment options for its users. The new release has make its config.xml structure more efficient by 20% thus making it easy for the developers to offer customized payment solutions and that too very quickly. Additionally, its new structure modular directory will ensure instant and logical developments to make the whole process easy and seamless.

5. Improvements in Extensions

Magento 2 includes many features that help your online business grow in many aspects. One of the significant features is its powerful extension capability. Magento offers a myriad of extensions, which serves as one of the fertile grounds where benefits can be provided to a number of users. These extensions make Magento perform even better and powerful than ever.

But what’s new in Magento 2 and why? Earlier users often get confused while using multiple extensions on a single website, as it increases the possibilities of creating conflicts between the extensions, which ultimately end up looking your website unstructured or distorted. The only solution to such problems is to disable the extensions or hiring a developer to fix your problems. However, in Magento 2, it seems that developers have scrutinized this issue and have performed some changes in the platform. Now, users can run multiple extensions simultaneously without any problem or conflicts.

6. Better Layout Elements

Magento 2 comes with better layout elements and has introduced the concept of containers. The containers contain separate section for blocks, they also have sub-containers, containers for children.

The purpose behind the development to create and organize a logical structure which clearly organizes blocks and determine different sections of the layout.


Although, the launching date of Magento 2 is still a suspense, the level of excitement and enthusiasm it has created among the online business owners hints that it’s a winner in the making.

Author Signature: Danial Wright is the blogger come Magento Theme Developer at Magentax Ltd. Company. He loves writing informative content about the latest trend in the magento web development.