Why All The Clamor And Hype Around Magento 2.0 Is Justified

Magento 2.0 is yet to come down the pike, but the continuous humming and purring won’t stop. Not likely.

The Magento web developers, the online store owners and a whole lot of other folks from the web development community have been pinning a lot of expectations from the latest version of Magento, and judging from the tentative features rolled out, they are surely not gonna be disappointed!

As Magento 2.0 arrives, it is going to bring along a number of goodies for the ones waiting for it. Now, if you didn’t have your eyes and ears to the ground till now, the enhancements should hardly come as surprises since Magento has always strived to one up its peers in the content management realm, and achieved so with elan and consistency.

You are Going to Get Magento on Github


This was in the making from the longest time now. There were hordes of professionals complaintive of the fact that Magento wasn’t on Github, but this latest development is set to bring cheer to them. Github will certainly add a lot of versatility to the Ecommerce portals and make it much more flexible.

More Extensions Will Work in Perfect Unison with Your Ecommerce Store


The host of extensions that you are allowed to run on a Magento portal give this CMS a certain edge over the other platforms out there. If you can’t get a particular capability out of the default features of your Magento setup, the Magento extensions would do that for you – and you have got more than one options to choose from. That said, there is no dearth of webmasters who have brought forth the issues they had due to the lack of compatibility between the extensions they installed and their store’s smooth operation. Currently, while on one hand the extensions extend the features beyond the defaults, they also end up altering the Magento store in ways you don’t want them to – making them look disoriented and disheveled.

Magento 2 however is going to lay these long impending issues to rest by greatly enhancing the compatibility between the ensemble of extensions and the Magento architecture. The Magento team is said to have carefully addressed all the issues and fixed them so that the online store owners can install as many extensions as they want to without feeling jittery.

jQuery Will Make its Way to Magento


Another grievance that the Magento community had was the non-involvement of jQuery in Magento functions. The underlying issue was that using jQuery as the main JavaScript library was a prospect filled with discrepancies and thus, instead of jQuery, we had to contend with prototypes. They have thus far proved to be reasonably good enough replacements but they do put some undesirable constraints on the developers. Thereby, Magento 2.0 will prioritize using jQuery while eliminating all the bottlenecks that existed. This way, the developers can enjoy more freedom and be more imaginative.

Upgrades Can be Made Without Fuss

Upgrading a Magento Ecommerce portal has thus far proved to be a pain point for store owners. Not only it is a costly affair, the whole process is way too complicated and unwieldy as upgrading any core files means delay in the completion of the process. The number of extensions further contribute to the delay.

But Magento 2.0 will make the whole process of upgrading the Ecommerce system a seamless one, irrespective how many extensions you are using or the edition which you are running.

Better User Experience and the Overall Performance


A portal that runs faster and in compatibility with a host of platforms and browsers is what you want at the end of the day, and that’s what you are set to get with Magento 2.0. the config.xml file will be reduced in size by as much as 20%, which would further contribute to the speed of the site.

With features and benefits pouring in, Magento 2.0 seems to be worth the wait and looks good enough to set the standards for other Ecommerce platforms to follow.

Author Bio:

Jack Calder is an Editorial Ninja and a CMS developer at Markupcloud – Magento development company. In his free time, he enjoys culinary, surfing, exploring new places and spending time with his friends. Beside this, he always used to take out time for writing and sharing content on web designing.