There are many different ways to make your RSS Icon jump out at people. Well why not have it peel at people. You have seen those ads that sites have in the upper right corner of there site that when you hover over them they just peel away. Well some people might think that must be flash at work or something that is so advanced I can never learn it. Well to let everyone know yes you can learn it and no it is not hard. I am sure that you could make a peel away corner with flash and I bet it would look good. But, I also bet that it would take a couple hours to create and then a few more to implement. Well with some jQuery and CSS you can create a peel away corner in about 20-30mins. All that you need to know for this is how to copy some code into your head and header area of your website. I am going to break down exactly what you need to do in 3 easy steps. If you would like to download the end product you can find it at the bottom of this tutorial.

Add Your jQuery Scripts

We are going to use Google’s AJAX Library to add our jQuery library to our header. You may ask why we would do this well including the jQuery library from a external source will make less stress on your server and we all know that Google’s servers can handle the stress.

Create Your Styles

These are your styles and can be changed up depending on where your image is and what size you want to start out with.

Create Your Corner Peice

This is were you create your hoverable corner piece. This will be placed somewhere in your header area or right inside your body tag.

Your Finished

Well that was it, that is all that you need to create your self a corner page peel. If you would like to see this in action you can download my script at the bottom. There is a ton of things that you can do with jQuery that can make your site seem more flashy without having to find a flash developer. jQuery is one of the fastest growing languages around. If you have any tutorials that you would like to publish on my site please go to my contact page.

jQuery Corner Peel: Corner Peel Trial

Download: jQuery Corner Page Peel (727 downloads)