jQuery Accordion

jQuery comes with a ton of different pre-made widgets. Some of which are really sweet and simple to implement into your website. One of the most notable of the widgets is the jQuery Accordion. This is a really easy way to squeeze a bunch of text, images, buttons, or whatever you are using in to a smaller area. why would you need this? Well if you have a website that has a bunch of stuff on it and need more space. This is a great way to make more space. For instance using a WordPress theme. You may want to have somewhere in the numbers of 10-20 posts on your home page. Now most WordPress themes do have 10 posts on the home page but I don’t know about you but that makes the site look really bloated. That is where you bring in the jQuery Accordion widget. That way you can maybe have one main post or featured post and all the rest of the 10 or how many ever can be squeezed into just the titles maybe. Then when you click on the title in will open that post and if you have another post open it will close the open one.

How to use jQuery Accordion

You do not have to use this for WordPress, you can use this on almost anything to make more space. Here is how you would go about using the Accordion widget.

Include your scripts

These should go into your head section of your web page.

What happens next?

Now you have to create your accordion script. This is going to be hard for anyone who has never worked with jQuery so get ready.

That code can either go in your head section or your footer. Ok so I kind of lied about that part being hard to do. But this next part is going to be even harder yet.

That is all there is to jQuery Accordion

The only thing left to do is check it out for yourself I have created a page that has all the code. If you would like to just see jQuery Accordion in action you can go to the link below. If you would like to save the page you can just go to it and (Right Click and go to Save Page As).

jQuery Accordion: jQuery Accordion Trial

Download: jQuery Accordion (332 downloads)

jQuery Accordion Extras

If you would like to learn more about this great jQuery widget just go to Here

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