jQuery Cool Corners

With the advancements in the web industry designers are getting more creative and CSS is having a hard time keeping up with some stuff. Well almost anything that you would like to do can be done with jQuery. For instance one of my favorite thing to do is create some great looking corners. Well CSS has some different things that you can do with corners but a lot of these are limited to certain browsers. Well Dave Methvin created a great jQuery script that handles many different kinds of cool corners. With these corners being rendered in jQuery it makes them browser complaint across every major browser and most all up-to-date browsers.

How To Implement Cool Corners

First of all you must pull in jQuery into your website. The best way of doing this is by linking to http://code.jquery.com/jquery-svn.js in your header or footer link this:

The next thing that you have to do is pull in Dave Methvin corners script. This can be done by downloading the script from Here. This also needs to be added to the header or the footer like this.

Adding Final Code

In order to get these amazing different corners to work on your web page all you need to do is call out the classes of the spots you want to activate the corners. Also you need to decide which of the many types of corners you would like to use. Yes I said MANY TYPES. Dave Methvin created this script with many different kinds of corners you can choose from. For Instance Rounded, Beveled, Notched, Bite, Dog-ear, Sculpt, Sharp and many more. You can find all of the corner types at jQuery Corner Demo. Now back to the code, once you have decide on the type you need to add this after the Methvin’s script.

Here is a download able and viewable demo of the script in action that I have created. This demo involves all of the above examples.

jQuery Cool Corners: Cool Corners Demo

Download: jQuery Cool Corners (585 downloads)

For even more about this great script I would read up on Methvin’s Gallery and also on Methvin’s Demo.

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