Search Engine Optimization 101

Some of the best sites optimization is done with the most basic amount of SEO. What do I mean by basic well I am talking title tags, meta tags, and alt and title attributes. These four tags/attributes are really important in SEO. A lot of people say that search engines (GOOGLE) don’t use the keywords meta tag anymore for positioning. Well if they don’t then why use them? The reason that I still use keyword is because even if GOOGLE doesn’t use them for positioning it still uses them as a reference point. Keywords are pretty much used to help search engines with what you want them to crawl. Your description meta tag is a really important on because search engines search it and compare it to the content of your page. If things match up like say you are writing about the NBA Finals. In your description you better have a part that says NBA Finals. As for your title tag, it is by far weighed the most in search engines. So when you are thinking about writing a article make sure to make the title really juice so to say. You want it to be something that you would search for. There is also a title attribute that you add to links and images. This is really important for the person that you are linking to. For instance if I was to link to a page about SEO. I would want to make the title attribute have the website name and maybe the article I am talking about. That way it gives the writers proper credit for there article and will help them in the long run with SEO. The last one for the 101 session is the alt attribute. This is used in images and is really important in a couple different ways. It is defiantly important in SEO because the alt attribute tells search engines what the image is about. Also it is important for handicapped people. With the handicapped the alt attribute lets them know what the image is about.

Placing The Tags and Attributes

Well lets start with our main title tag and meta tags. These tags go in the head area of your web page. This is located at pretty much the top of your page. Example:

With these tags there aren’t really limitations to them. But most search engines have limitations to them. For instance your description should be no more then 120 characters because most search engines only use 120 characters. With your keywords really you should have between 8-12. With your title tag it should be at least 60 characters.

On to the other tags/attributes. Your alt and title attribute for images and links. The alt and title attribute can be used for the image but only the title attribute can be used for the link. These are pretty simple but sometimes easy to forget to do. Example:

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