WordPress Thumbnail Options

Most new WordPress themes have adopted the post thumbnails feature added in WordPress 2.9. This new feature is a great introduction to WordPress. It has change the way that everyone involves images into there theme. This feature really doesn’t have any disadvantages with adding it to your theme. This actually is a very useful introduction by WordPress and probably one of the best inclusions that WordPress has come out with.

Adding The Setup Code

One of the things that you have to do to get this feature to be activated is adding the support code in your functions.php file in your theme folder. You can find the code below:

This sets up the default sizes for the featured images. These sizes are 150×150, 300×300, and 640×640, you can also change these sizes in the dashboard under settings->media. Now some people might say that why is this so constricted in sizes. Well it really isn’t you just have to add some more code to activate other sizes. Code for this is below:

Now you say that was easy, well yes it was but if you just add that code all you will get is the ability to use those preset image sizes. In order to use these images in your theme you have to add some code to your theme files. Most of the time this will be in your index.php or home.php, another couple files might be your page.php or single.php. You can use these anywhere that you would like in your theme files. Now you might ask how do I use them and what is the code. Well you can find it below:

Well that is how you use the new featured image ability that WordPress has. Now you might be thinking how do I add the images so that they work with this sweet new feature. Once you added the first bit of code at the top, all of your pages and post in the dashboard have added a small field that you will find at the bottom right side. Here is a image of what you will be looking for:

Featured Images Side Box

Once you click the Set featured image, you will see the image uploader. Now you just have to add your image and make sure that it is big enough for the area/s that you are going to be using it in. Once you get done uploading the image you will see a spot that has insert image and next to it will be a Set as featured image. You will want to click that and it looks like this:

One of the things that you will want to make sure you do before you click the “Use as featured image” is set the size to full. Once you do this you have finished the featured image setup and your pictures should show up in the positions that you put the image code. If you have any questions on this please comment and I will reply to you as fast as possible.