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Latest Web Design Trends In 2013

Web world is exploring and redefining itself with every passing day. With new and innovative web design trends emerging with each passing day, it is high time to focus on some of the latest web design trends that will be making waves in 2013.

1.) Content to be given the top priority

Content will be given the top priority in the coming days. Heated debates would be in the offering on the ways the content need to be presented to the readers. Content is the king and this will reflect in the coming days too. One needs to create searchable, accessible and multi platform content that can be shared with a plethora of customers. As a content writer you should ensure that the content reaches the user through the best interactive way that is possible and viable too.

2.) Simplicity in the way design interaction is ensured

Simplicity seems to be the new mantra of success. In fact the process of simplification is the only tool one has in order to make the content readable and accessible on most of the devices. Accessibility, visual design and usability should be guided by the new paradigm.

3.) App style Interfaces

In the coming months the process of transformation for majority of the desktop websites is going to become viable and highlighted. This will in turn increasingly the interface experience of the mobile apps. This will also unify and simplify the content and design at a given point of time and will also facilitate the initiation of responsive projects.

4.) Unification of mobile and desktop into a single version

Adaptions of the content, responsiveness, resolution independent are some of the terms that are moving ahead towards a common destination. This will ultimately bring about a unification of the desktop and mobile version on a common platform. The question however is that how does one ensure the integration of apps and brings about an innovative experience through the use of multiple devices at any given time.

Evolution in responsiveness is foreseen in the coming days and this will ultimately ensure the unification of mobile and desktop into a single version.

5.) Responsive techniques and SVG

This search for multi platform versions and integration of cross platform technologies will lead to initiation of responsive techniques as webfonts and SVG. The icon fonts will evolve and become more widespread and when one talks about the visual levels, the trends as these will be increasingly visible in the coming months.

6.) The evolution of flat colors

The major visual trends identified for 2013 are clarity in layouts, evolution of app style interfaces, increased focus on typography, less concentration on decoration along with initiation of flat colors and flat styles. This increasing need towards the simplification of designs and going for aesthetic ways as flat colors will result in creation of adaptive projects that will ensure better visibility to the eyes and also better the performance especially when it comes to 3G connections.

7.) Technology Agnostic

Technology agnostic will be a main concern in upcoming web trends in 2013. If one talks about the web standard applications, and points out at the data graphics , it comes to notice that HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the top choices. CSS comes to us in various forms as CSS effects, custom filters and 3 D transforms.

JavaScript is also among the top contenders for web application development but when it comes to effects and animation filters, CCS3 seem to be a step ahead. 2013 will also see growing interest in webGL and this will be particularly visible for big companies.

8.) Innovation in the rise in device sensors

2013 will be the year to test innovation in its true sense. Users can expect the best from the mobile technology and will be in a better position to create new user experiences. They will be able to explore new device sensors and experiment with a range of interface devices including touch and speech enabled interfaces to name a few.

9.) Internet redefined

The internet experience will be redefined in the coming times and an initiation for the same will be made in 2013. The days are not far when one would be able to communicate with televisions and refrigerators but also with devices as LED screens and vehicle audio interfaces. The concept of interactive television is soon going to become a reality and one will be able to do multitasking with the help of a single device.

2013 is the year of innovation and one will experience a range of innovations when it comes to evolving web design trends.

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