WordPress is an excellent platform with so many themes that are perfect choices for your business website, straight out of the box. Since every blogger has individual needs that WordPress can’t necessarily anticipate, its developers have created more than 20,000 plugins to resolve users’ issues. Bloggers often encounter problems in performing tasks like modifying the

WordPress is often considered the penultimate template for bloggers. It serves as the outer layer of your website’s appearance. But more than that, it actually has a great deal of influence on your website’s functionality. Since WordPress themes are so tightly integrated with the websites that employ their use, it should come as no surprise

WordPress is a much-loved platform that has helped many a blogger achieve web superstardom. What’s even more endearing, besides its user-friendliness, is the fact that there are oodles of WordPress plugins that exist to give you a wealth of feature-rich convenience. Let’s take a look at 18 of the best plugins you should install. 1.