When developing a website, we all want our energy and the money that we put into it to be deployed in the most effective way possible. But everyone who is either a casual or regular web surfer will have comes across a few websites that simply look awful, rendering them awkward and irritating to read

Abiding by a handy blue print has always proved beneficial for the success of projects. Whether you’re working in a web design firm or are a freelancer working for a client, a well-defined brief works wonders in ensuring complete success both for the client as well as for yourself. No matter which type of project

Photo credits: Serge Kij If you’re a web designer, staying on top of everything that’s changing is important if you want to stay current and be able to design award winning websites. Lucky for you, we’ve put together an article that has list of seven specific predictions for web design in 2014. You may have

Photo credits: luismi_cavalle If you’re a web designer, there’s never been a better time to be alive. Unlike the early days of the web, there are not a lot of tools available that make your job easier. Additionally, a lot of smart people have been sharing their experiences with tips and techniques that can also