Build A Professional Website Fast

As a web developer I get a ton of clients that are looking for a website and a lot of these clients do not have a ton of money. So I wanted to write a post about how to build a professional website fast. I am going to break down every part of what a website take to get completed. Most people think building a website is easy and should go fast. Well hopefully after this article everyone understands what it takes to complete a website.

The Meetings

One of the biggest time consuming processes of building a website are the meetings. I have had tons of website that the meetings take up 75% of the process. Now this is not to say that meetings are bad. Most meetings are a good thing but what the client might not understand is that as a developer every hour that I am in a meeting we need to get paid for. I don’t know anyone who would be willing to take 25% of a 40 hour check. Would you?

Design Phase

The second biggest part and also a big time consumption. Unless the client is going with a template design, this phase could end up being larger than the meeting phase but most of the time is not. The hardest part with this phase is the constant change of design. Now if the project was a set price project and the developer/company did not set a max for the amount of changes in the design process. Then the project becomes a nightmare. Most of the time what I get is an OK on design and then after the development has started everything changes. Now for a set project cost clients get mad when you tell them this is going to cost more. Back to the check part do you want o work 60 hour a week and get a 40 hour paycheck?

Development Phase

As a developer I do this process a ton. Most of the time it is amazingly simple. That is if the project was planned out properly. Once you get to the development phase the project get take out of the designers hands and get developed from, most of the time PSD’s(Photoshop Documents) or InDesign files. Most developers I know do not know ow to use Photoshop or InDesign that well just enough to do what s called breakdown. This is where they take everything from the design that they need and make it web ready. What does this mean? This means that they take the design and pull out all the individual images, gradients, backgrounds, ect. While building out a website you have the back-end and front-end phases. Both are development but only one part you really can see the front-end.


During the front end phase the developer works with css, html, and js. To make the site look like the Design. This includes your amazing sliders, modals, pop-ups, navigation, dropdowns, ect. This part of the phase does not take a long time usually. Unless you are a gigantic website that has a ton of layouts.


This part of the website can take a ton of time of a small amount of time really depends of the complexities in the site. Most of the stuff in this part people do not see. This is the code that makes everything function the correct way and do what it is supposed to do.

Now after all of these phases are complete you do the hand off phase. This is where you give the client the finished product. Now most of the time once you get to this phase the client wants to change something or add something with the site. So in order to change or add something you have t go through the list again and see who all you need to make the changes. Now if this is a bidded project with a fixed price clients don’t want to hear “it is going to cost more.”

Once all is said and done most clients are happy with what they have gotten and end up using what they get for a long time. Some on the other hand… What I like to do for the client that really don’t have a ton of money and don’t really know what they want is set them up with a template. Now this still cost money but doesn’t take as long to implement.

If you are looking for something custom built for your needs please feel free to contact Shane Strong or if you need information about building a website. If you are looking to build a big project please contact