How Press Releases Can Help Your SEO Campaign

When you think of SEO, do you think of forum posts, blog comments, backlink networks and on page optimization? If you’re like most search engine marketers, those are probably your standard tools and they have likely been doing a great job so far. If you aren’t using press releases in your SEO campaign, however, you are definitely missing out.

How Does a Press Release Differ from an Article or Blog Post?

A press release is informative in nature. It usually announces the development of a new, breakthrough product, a major change at a local company, or some other newsworthy bit of information. Do you think you can’t use these sorts of articles for your website? Well, you can use a press release for just about any topic you choose, as long as you make it relate to a current event.

Examples of Mundane Topics Being Turned into Press Releases

  1. A business owner starting a new company issues a press release to let the public know.
  2. A small-time celebrity visits a local comedy venue, and uses press releases to spread the word.
  3. A T-shirt company spreads the word about its bold wares, claiming to have a new take on urban fashion.
  4. An affiliate marketer spreads the word about the new information resource he has created for those interested in his niche.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to promote, you can turn it into a press release. So, just how does a press release help your SEO campaign?

Media Syndication

Press releases are typically distributed to thousands of media outlets. Many of these exist only online. When the press release is picked up and published online, it will usually link back to your website. A quick, cheap press release can result in hundreds of high page rank backlinks pointing to your URL. In some cases, press releases even make it to the larger news venues, like The Associated Press, Reuters and others. These sites have huge authority and, when they send a link to your website, it will help boost you up in the rankings.

How to Get the Most Out of Press Releases in Your SEO Campaign

Make sure you publish press releases on a regular basis. You need to maintain some level of consistency so the search engine algorithms don’t find anything suspicious. A good rule of thumb is one press release per week. This might be tough, but even the silliest business can find occasions to publish press releases monthly.

Find a good writer who can craft any topic into a press release and your life will be much simpler. Don’t hesitate to allow him or her to get creative. Ultimately, the goal is to have the piece accepted by the press release distributor.
With your press release hitting hundreds, and maybe even thousands of pages, how can it not boost your SEO campaign? With just a few dollars and a couple of minutes of your time, a press release can help garner the search engine results you need.

Here are some great press release websites: